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G-League Season 4 holds $42,000 up for grabs

G-League Season 3 Grand Finals

Awarding close to $70,000 in cash last year, G-League unveils its fourth season for the new year, with a prizepool matching the extravagance of its predecessors. $32,000 alone is in store for the winners this season, and the heat is on.

Online qualifiers for the fourth season have already opened for registration with the qualifiers poised to start on April 26. The winner (DK) and first runner's up (LGD) of last season, however, will be seeded directly into the offline semifinals of the event.

Meanwhile, this new season may also see the introduction of international teams into the mix, with last season already playing host to EG and Orange. (see)

A sign of DotA's enduring presence in China, it now looks like, at the very least, the game is here to stay. For the privileged few who have been here since the beginning, G-League 2010 saw the rise of LGD (ex-FTD), while G-League 2011 saw almost flawless domination by DK.

The story of G-League 2012, however, remains unwritten - which team will surprise us this time? Which team will underperform, and which team will, inevitably, fall out into oblivion?

Prize Money
First Place200,000 RMB ($31,500)
Second Place50,000 RMB ($8,000)
Third/Fourth Place10,000 RMB ($1,500)

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