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Iron Squid group stage completes, Korean octet to playoffs


The tournament that began on February 19th finally saw its group stage come to an end as NesTea and Alive crushed group D to join the other six South Koreans in the top eight bracket. Today, Iron Squid revealed the Ro8 pairings.

In a top-speed series of three consecutive matches, NesTea managed to build upon a 1-0 lead from April 8th and sent Nerchio, HasuObs and Leenock officially packing. Second came IPL 4's champion Alive, thus far having reminiscing his Las Vegas run where he also finished second to NesTea in the group before conquering the bracket.

Iron Squid Group Stage standings
Group AGroup B
Korea MarineKing
Korea MC
Korea Puma6-5Korea Symbol5-4
Netherlands Ret5-5United States Idra4-5
Korea Boxer5-6Korea Mvp4-5
France ToD2-8Sweden Thorzain2-8
Group CGroup D
Korea MMA7-3Korea NesTea8-2
Korea Jjakji6-3Korea Alive6-4
Korea Life6-5Poland Nerchio6-4
France Stephano3-6Germany HasuObs3-7
Poland Mana2-7Korea Leenock2-8

Every person that Alive beat in the IPL 4 bracket is now far away from him at the Iron Squid Ro8. Fnatic's terran is greeted at the Ro8 by SK.MC and the winner will go against either MMA or Puma, who will meet in an IEM Hanover revenge match. Playoffs are completed with two ZvT's - one between former GSL champions NesTea and Jjakji and another that has hot-streak champion MarineKing go against TSL's Symbol.

Iron Squid Playoffs
Korea MCVSKorea Alive
Korea MMAVSKorea Puma
Korea NesTeaVSKorea Jjakji
Korea SymbolVSKorea MarineKing

The elimination show is scheduled for April 14-15th, starting at 20:00 CET in both days. These are also the last matches played online as the top four contenders will fly to Paris to bring Iron Squid to an end in front of a live audience.

Source: Team Liquid

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