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Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise: The Barbarian Unlocked


This week's hero at Reveal.Diablo3.com is the unmovable rock of muscle known as the Barbarian. The descendant of Bul'Kathos comes with his own promotional video, as well as the first unlocked content on the website - Part I of the Developer Diaries.

If you've visited Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise before you know the drill well - take a few minutes to create an unique banner, upload a photo of yours to go with it, leave your battle.net e-mail address and you get an in game sigil once Diablo III launches. You can also submit a fan art and, together with your banner picture, compete for the Hero of the Day title and a signed Diablo III mousepad.

The Barbarian spotlight video is a magnetic thing to watch, featuring whirlwind attacks, leap strikes, earthquakes and war cries.

Thanks to community's activity, the site hits its first progress bar landmark at 10% and the unlockable that comes with it is a Developers' Diary from a year back, February 2011. Jay Wilson (Game Director), Christian Lichnter (Art Director) and Jason Regier (Lead Software Engineer) talk about what are they were working on at that time, where the game was at and... beards.

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