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Match-making to experience changes in Season 7


Blizzard will be trying out a new system of finding opponents during the new season, aimed at providing more diversity in the skill levels players encounter while laddering.

Thus far, the match-making system was oriented towards finding the best fitting opponent to each player's skill level, ultimately leading to the matches being very close and a mistake away from a loss. Now, Blizzard are revisiting this mechanics by considering how much fun it actually brings to the table.

While it’s awesome that most games are very close, this also means that both players need to constantly be at the top of their games, because the slightest mistake usually means defeat. While we think this is a fun way to play, we’re not sure if it’s fun for every match to be this way.

As a one-season experiment, we will be relaxing the match-making settings slightly in Season 7 to introduce more variety into the ladder. In practical terms, this means you won't always be evenly matched with your opponent. You'll regularly compete with players at slightly higher or lower skill levels, to make the experience more well-rounded. These adjustments to the match-making system will also offer a chance to potentially get promoted more quickly, so stringing together wins versus more skilled opponents could potentially result in faster league promotions.

Season 7 is scheduled to kick off this week and Blizzard will be awaiting for your feedback on the new match-making system.

Source: Battle.net

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