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NASL 3 begins in two days


The dynamic tempo of April hops from one premier event to another and fans will not have much time to be bored as the race for $100,000 called NASL 3 begins in a couple of days.

NASL 3 returns with three major changes. Firstly, following the desire of the community, NASL will stream the games live and when they are not due to time zone constraints or other reasons, the audience will know.

Second, NASL will be putting $150 out for the winner of every match, providing an additional incentive for the players and thus avoiding having series without meaning.

Finally, NASL 3 will feature a slightly revamped format. The regular season will be of nine weeks of group stage matches and at its end, the top performing players of each division will advance straight to the playoffs. The other remaining players will go through the "wildcards" to earn playoffs seeds. In the end, those victorious in the playoffs will be flown to the Grand Finals in Ontario, Canada where a prize pool of $100,000 awaits.

The five divisions of NASL 3 are already full top to bottom.

NASL 3 Player list

Division I
Korea Puma
Korea Hwangsin
Italy Cloud
Canada TT1
Russia BratOK
Korea Zenio
Sweden HayprO
Romania NightEnd
France Stephano

Division II
Korea Hero
United Kingdom DeMuslim
Germany DarkForce
Korea Crazymoving
United States Nony
Ukraine Dimaga
Korea Ryung
Germany HasuObs
Sweden Sjow

Division III
Taiwan Sen
Korea Ganzi
Poland Mana
Germany TLO
United States Vibe
Korea Rain
Ukraine Strelok
United States Axlav
Canada HuK
Division IV
Sweden Thorzain
Peru CatZ
Korea Alicia
Belarus Lowely
Korea Select
United States Cruncher
Korea Alive
United States Idra
Netherlands Ret

Division V
Sweden Morrow
Korea Puzzle
Sweden Jinro
United States qxc
Korea MC
Korea Polt
Norway Targa
United States Sheth
Ukraine WhiteRa

The matches will be cast by Mr. Bitter, Rotterdam, Gretorp and Frodan. Free streams shall be available in 360p and 480p, while subscription ticket holders (price of ticket $15.99 before April 11th and $19.99 after) will get access to VODs, high definition streaming and access to the Sunday ShowDown broadcasts.

You will find rich coverage--such as battle reports, group standings, results and schedule of the event--in our coverage hub.

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