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Alive stands as IPL 4 champion


Fnatic's Lee Seok "Alive" Han emerged as the champion of the IGN ProLeague 4 as he ploughed through the winners bracket, defeating Squirtle with an aggregate 5-3 to pouch $40,000.

After two TvTs against Polt and MarineKing, Alive met NesTea in a revenge match from Group A to determine who will advance to the grand finals. With a piercing bunker rush and a nail-biting base race in the last two games, Alive prevailed 3-1, sending NesTea to the losers bracket where he fell 2-3 to the other grand finalist Squirtle.

Coming from the losers bracket, Squirtle had to win two Bo3 series and five maps later he was halfway there, recovering from what was a 2-0 lead for Alive. The second series, however, were never that close as Alive used a bunker rush in game one, cloaked banshees in game two and a solid, standard PvT play in game three to conquer his first premier tournament gold and be crowned IPL 4 victor.

IPL 4 Standings

1. Korea Alive, $40.000
2. Korea Squirtle, $16,000
3. Korea NesTea, $7.000
4. Korea MMA, $5.000
5-6. Korea MarineKing, $4.000
5-6. France Stephano, $4.000
7-8. Korea Polt, $3.000
7-8. Korea Bomber, $3.000

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