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Neolution claim first season of Thai eSports League

Miggy, Norrie, CTW, suuuuu, Tifa

After three months of intense competition, Neolution have established themselves well ahead in the Thai competitive scene, claiming $710 and the championship title of the first quarter of the $2,300 Thai eSports League. Teams MitH.Trust and ECS.DotA finish a respective second and third.

The organization's move to support DotA in Thailand has been evident over the last few months, with the building of a new Neolution stadium, the grooming of a talented roster and their involvement in the Gigabye eSports Tournament.

With a score of eight wins, two draws and no losses to boot, Neolution are the clear victors in this issue of the Thai eSports League and they take home a well-deserved 22,000 Baht ($710). Five other invited teams (MitH.Trust, ECS.DotA, Tt.eSports.How, iDeal and OKER.ACZ) walk away with smaller cash prizes of their own.

The second season will be kicking off soon and will span the months of April to June. One can be certain that teams like Neolution will be looking to repeat their success as the premier DotA team in Thailand.

Thailand Norrie
Thailand suuuuu
Thailand Tifa
Thailand Miggy
Thailand 808

Final Standings
First PlaceThailand Neolution$710
Second PlaceThailand MitH.Trust$510
Third PlaceThailand ECS.DotA$390

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