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New Diablo III Site: Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise.


Want an unique in-game sigil when Diablo III launches? Reveal.Diablo3.com offers you this chance in addition to other opportunities for you to put yourself out as a D3 fan.

Each week, a new class is unlocked at Reveal.Diablo3.com with the Demon Hunter already available. Everyone that visits the site can create a banner that will win him an unique class sigil, available in-game post release, and even upload their own photo as a background. Those who do will get the chance to be voted "Hero of the Day", winning them a signed Diablo III mouse pad.

For the more artistic of you there's the option of uploading your own fan art to the gallery and through that (and through voting and sharing the content on the sight) unravel the secrets currently locked.

Blizzard were also kind enough to provide an extensive Q&A regarding about the site:

What is this website?
This is a promotional site for Diablo III, designed around the star that has fallen near the town of Tristram and the heroes who seek out its meaning. Interacting with the site in various ways will help to move the progress bar forward, and everyone visiting the site can participate to help unlock artwork, lore, and exclusive videos leading up to the game’s release. Every week you will also be able to participate in class-specific activities on the site, through which you can earn five exclusive in-game banner sigils to display on your Diablo III characters once the game is released.

What is Tristram and the significance of the fallen star?
Tristram is a small town that played a major role in the original Diablo, was revisited in Diablo II, and once again plays a central role at the beginning of Diablo III. In the story of Diablo III, a falling star has landed near Tristram and, in its wake, the dead have begun to rise from their graves. The five playable character classes in Diablo III, the barbarian, witch doctor, monk, wizard, and demon hunter all believe this to be a sign of great importance, and are each heading to the small town to investigate. Every week of the promotion, we’ll ask you to take on the role of one of these classes and, in turn, you'll be granted a unique sigil that can be used to customize your banner in Diablo III.

How can I help advance the progress bar?
You can help advance the progress bar and unlock content by participating in the Art Contest and the Mark of Valor photo customization activity, as well as by sharing unlocks and player-submitted art and photos within the site by clicking on the ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ buttons.

When do items unlock?
As the bar progresses forward and hits each of the percentage markers, exclusive media items will be unlocked.

What is the banner and sigil?
The banner is a customizable flag that shows off your achievements and progression when playing Diablo III. Your banner is displayed within the chat interface, in multiplayer games, and on the official Diablo III website. There are many individually customizable pieces of the banner, each of which represents a different section of the game. The sigil is the icon that can placed on the field of the banner flag, and the five sigils that can be unlocked through this promotion are completely exclusive and unique. Once the game releases, these sigils will never be obtainable again.

What is Mark of Valor?
Mark of Valor includes the ability to play with a fully functional version of the banner customization tool, similar to the one available in Diablo III. Mark of Valor allows players to combine their banner with a default or custom image background to share with their friends.

I participated in the Mark of Valor. When/how do I get my banner sigil?
When completing Mark of Valor for that week’s featured class you'll be asked for your Battle.net email address. After entering it, you'll receive a confirmation email letting you know that your entry was accepted. Shortly after Diablo III is released, each of the sigils you earned will become available for use within the in-game banner customization system.

I don't have a Battle.net account, how do I get one?
Simply visit www.Battle.net and click the Sign Up Now button.

Okay, I did Mark of Valor for one class, so I'm done, right?
No! Each class section has its own unique banner sigil you can obtain for your Diablo III account by participating each week.

How do the class sections and sigil lockouts work? What if I miss a week?
Throughout the promotion, each class section of the website will progressively unlock every week and stay unlocked. In-game class sigils, on the other hand, have limited availability and do not stay unlocked. The week that a class unlocks, only that class’s sigil will become available via Mark of Valor, until the next class section unlocks and its respective sigil takes its place. If you missed a week, don't worry, there will be another chance to earn your favorite class sigil later in the promotion, but please note that sigils are only available for a limited time. May 18 will be the last day that you can earn an in-game sigil.

What is the Hero of the Day contest?
After selecting a background image and customizing a banner using Mark of Valor, you will have the option to submit your creation to the “Hero of the Day” contest for a chance at being recognized for having the most epic representation of that week’s class. Each day, Monday through Friday, one of the eligible Mark of Valor photos will be chosen by us. If your piece is selected, you’ll win a signed SteelSeries Diablo III QcK cloth mousepad and be recognized as Hero of the Day. Hero of the Day contest submissions will close on May 10.
Check out the rules and prizing info on the contest page here.

I submitted on a Saturday. Will I be eligible for Hero of the Day?
Of course! Friday through Sunday’s submissions will all be eligible to win Monday’s Hero of the Day.

I submitted my picture yesterday for Hero of the Day, but didn't win. Can I submit it again today?
Sure! Submitting a new picture each day will also help advance the progress bar, so feel free to try again!

What is the art contest?
In the art contest, we’re asking you to create an original work of art and submit it to us to be published on the website. The piece should represent at least one character class (or classes) from the Diablo III universe shown in an interpretation of "Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise,” but what situation they’re in or how they’re represented we leave up to you. We’re giving out some amazing prizes, including NVIDIA 3D Vision kits, Antec Diablo III-themed desktop cases, and SteelSeries Diablo III peripherals. Art contest submissions will close on April 29.
Check out the rules and prizing on the contest page here.

How do I submit to the gallery?
To submit to the gallery, just accept the listed terms and conditions. All unlocked classes are eligible for the gallery.

I submitted artwork/photo/banner. Why isn’t it on the site?
Not all photos or submitted art entries are guaranteed to be displayed in the site’s galleries, as we filter submissions based on content. If you don’t see yourself up there, send in another submission! There is no limit to the number of unique entries that you can submit, just a limit of one prize per household for each contest.

So, why are you not there yet? Go and make yourself a Demon Hunter banner!

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