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IPL: Puma and Idra eliminated


Day two of IPL 4 began with a heavy loss for Team EG as two of their best players - Idra and Puma - ended their run after scoring a third loss in the groups. JYP is currently the only member still standing alive for the foreign team.

Evil Geniuses were left bleeding in the very beginning of IPL 4 day two as Puma and Idra were sent packing.

Puma began his IPL run with a fall to his old rival MC, unable to exact revenge for another loss to him at IEM Hanover, and Polt in day one. As today began, the EG terran's taming was completed by Squirtle, who had little troubles eliminating Puma with a 2-0.

In Group D, Idra ended up in all-terran-but-him group after Jjakji and Byun joined the party. Much like Puma, Idra was already down 0-2 in series after losses to MMA and Bomber yesterday and a loss to Byun was all that was needed for Greg's hopes for another IPL championship to be decapitated.

Thus, JYP remains the only EG player still fighting. The protoss came from the open bracket to end up in Group B, where Stephano took it to heart to deal JYP his first loss in the tournament. After dropping his 1-0 lead to JYP's blink stalkers and mothership, Stephano was ruthless in the third set and his series of roach/ling attacks destroyed every base of the protoss but the main, ultimately forcing him into an unsuccessful desperation all-in.

Immortals and forcefield walls helped JYP only so much

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