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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

MarineKing closes the Group B action for day one by surviving the foreign resistance


In the heaviest on foreigners IPL 4 group, neither Stephano nor WhiteRa succeeded in defeating MarineKingPrime and the Korean terran took the current top spot in Group B .

Opening against WhiteRa, MKP went for a mass hellion build in the first game, a more of a unorthodox opening but which actually snowballed out of control once he killed more than 20 workers of the Ukrainian. WhiteRa returned the slap on Daybreak as MarineKing was a bit careless with his engagements and after he lost an army early in the game followed by a large donation of ghost to colossi fire, the score was put to 1-1. The series was settled on Antiga Shipyard as MarineKing opened with a 2-rax build that transitioned into more 1-basing action. WhiteRa took a strong lead after displaying a textbook defense but then an overextending by him in the middle of the map put the advantage back into MKP's hands. And MarineKing is not a player to bypass such a precious gift.

Stephano made MarineKing sweat as a 2-base roach/baneling agression put the zerg into a monstrous supply advantage. In a rush of confidence, Stephano spawned proxy hatcheries all over the place, knowing that MKP has neither the army nor the map control to punish such a ballsym move. With zerg units rallied into his main, MKP gg-ed out.

Game two on Antiga Shipyard saw MarineKing fail both his banshee harass and his marine drop transition and so everything looked really grim for him. That was until Stephano invested into ultralisk tech which proved useless considering how many marines there were on the field. The series was closed on Daybreak with Stephano chosing once again to go for ultralisk and keeping neck-and-neck with MarineKing for a longer time than the last game but that did not matter. As time went by, Stephano's ultralisk horde thinned and MKP sat on the temporary leader throne with satisfaction.

The ultralisks are nothing more than an expensive blob of insignificance

IPL 4 Group B standings
Korea MarineKing2-04-2
France Stephano1-13-2
From Open Bracket0-00-0
From Open Bracket0-00-0
Ukraine WhiteRa0-21-4
Stephano 2-0 WhiteRa
MarineKing 2-1 WhiteRa
MarineKing 2-1 Stephano

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