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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

IPL: NesTea's macro overwhelms Tails


IM's zerg maestro NesTea scored a second win in a row, taking the temporary first place in Group A. Tails was not able to play on par with NesTea's waves of roaches and suffered a 0-2 loss.

NesTea pushed the zerg race to its macro limits in game one on Metropolis by going for a fast third into a macro hatch, +1 roach attack, burrow and speed. A fourth base was put down as NesTea moved out maxed on roaches before the 12th minute mark and this uncontainable explosion of units caught Tails unprepared. The protoss fell shortly after his fresh third.

On Daybreak a zealot/sentry attack through an unspotted proxy pylon in zerg's main cost NesTea 20 of his workers. Yet, NesTea was still ahead in supply thanks to his third and the rest was just an analogical end to game one: Tails died to maxed burrow roach army, only not by the 13th minute.

Being undefeated after two matches, IM's zerg is the current leader of Group A and will remain one till tomorrow when two more players will climb to the group from the open bracket. Next on stream is another match from Group A between Tails and Alive.

The green roach pincers secure NesTea a second win in the group

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