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JeeDota 2 Championships II group stages this weekend

Twelve qualified teams and four returning champions will begin their group stage in Season Two of the JeeDota 2 Championships this Sunday. Among the participating teams this season include Absolute Legends, The Tough Bananas and Western Wolves - and a $500 prizepool awaits.

JeeDota 2 Championships II
Group AGroup B
Poland QWERT123450/00France BAGUETTE0/00
Europe Just for Scrim0/00Germany Team Megashock0/00
France Western Wolves0/00Russia Darkwing Duck0/00
Germany Team Replika0/00Denmark The Tough Bananas0/00
Group CGroup D
Russia Prior0/00Czech Republic Epidemic0/00
New Zealand GiGa0/00Denmark LANDSHOLDET0/00
Ukraine ScaryFacezzz0/00Russia zNation0/00
Australia Absolute Legends0/00Sweden Visualize Your Enmity0/00

Notable head ons on Sunday include The Tough Banana's group stage match against Team Megashock as well as another high profile match between Australia's Absolute Legends and New Zealand's GiGa.

Each group stage will be played best out of three with the top two scoring teams from each group advancing on to the playoffs, which is also expected to be played out in a best of three fashion.

The Australian outfit Absolute Legends have yet another title to defend, and the team are looking strong to walk away with the championship prize and $330 in cash this season.

1st Place: $330
2nd Place: $130
3rd Place: $70

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