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APDL Season 4 returns

With all the hype and action surrounding the Dota 2 scene, the Asian Private DotA League (APDL) is proud to follow up with its fourth season. Aiming to merge the top SEA teams under one channel, APDL promises to give some action packed DotA games in the upcoming weeks.

APDL Season 4
List of Invited Teams
Malaysia OrangePhilippines MineskiSingapore Aohey
Malaysia RisePhilippines MSIEvoGTSingapore Ascensionz.sg
Malaysia Invasion RedPhilippines K1Singapore Giggles
Malaysia SiNoPhilippines LFICIndonesia Deperruku
Malaysia iRxUnited Arab Emirates M4KsIndonesia eNcy
Malaysia LeaPUnited Arab Emirates StrOnkAustralia Kinect
Thailand MitH.TrustUnited Arab Emirates RFIndia Roccat
Thailand NeolutionUnited Arab Emirates EzoneMyanmar G7
Bangladesh SP

With the successful organization of its previous seasons, APDL is back with $1,200 of prize money for its fourth season. The league is to be held under the banner of Ranked Gaming Client and will be starting within 2 weeks time.

This time, however, APDL is not only having prizes for the winners but also for the players having the highest kills and deaths. In addition to that, the best nominated admin would even be awarded with a $50 prize of his own.

The top South-Asian teams including Orange, Mineski and Mith.Trust have all been invited to join the league. Sponsored by E-Zone Dubai, APDL host bots will have a friendly location hosted from Singapore.

Streams would be provided by DotATalk. For more information, check out the official announcement by DotATalk here.

DotATalk - Official Announcement
DotATalk - Replays

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