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MLG Spring: Maru, Alicia, MMA among the winners of the Korean qualifier


MLG announced who are the eight players who beat the South Korean MLG Spring open qualifier. Those will advance to the invite-only qualifiers at the end of April to fight for seeds to Spring Arena 2.

A total of 73 players had taken part in the South Korean open qualifier. At the end, four players from the winners bracket and four from the losers bracket won the right to advance further into the Spring Season.

From winners bracket:
Korea Choya (2-1 vs Dream)
Korea Ryung (2-0 vs Happy)
Korea Alicia (2-0 vs Puzzle)
Korea Maru (2-1 vs Seal)

From losers bracket:
Korea MMA (1-2 vs Choya in WB, 2-0 vs Happy in LB final)
Korea Dream (1-2 vs Choya in WB, 2-0 vs Seed in LB final)
Korea Shine (0-2 vs Ryung in WB, 2-0 vs Seal in LB final)
Korea Tassadar (0-2 vs Hyun in WB, 1-2 vs Puzzle in LB final)

The open online qualifiers will run till April 15th. For a full schedule of the Spring season as well as information of how you can access it in HD follow the link below.

Source: MLG.com
MLG Spring Season: Schedule and Pricing: Source

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