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The Twitch TV's Gambit cup Playoffs

Five months have passed, and The Twitch TV's Gambit cup is going into the playoffs. 10 teames have fought for their spot, but only six of them could make it.

Last weekend, teams had chances to prepare and get some better spots for the upcoming playoffs. Starting from the next Friday, we will see some more games, and we will see LRM facing Russian reps team at 19 CET, and Hungarian team sas fighting with the Russian team iFU at 20 CET.

1 Poland Gt
2 Bulgaria Nb
3 Spain LRM)
4 Hungary sas
5 Russia iFU
6 Russia reps)
7 Russia iWL
8 United States [PaiN]
9 Chile dM-
10 Canada [AoV]

As there is usually a stream for every clanwar, it should be no different this upcoming weekend, so watch out for it if you want to follow these matches.

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