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Balance Patch Coming


Bashiok has responded to a thread on the StarCraft 2 general forums, quelling concern that balance changes wouldn't be coming till the next expansion.

With the game only being out for three weeks, there has been a fervor of complaints about Terran being too powerful in the game and other races not being able to keep up with Terran players of the same skill level, players of all skills levels have been noticeably been very vocal about the situation, most notably the Zerg player IdrAIdrA.

Full response to the thread is here:

(Hopefully this doesn't read too harsh, it's been a tough Monday. ;) <3 <3 <3)

Our intent is not to have a game with broken balance in an attempt to sell an expansion. That should go without saying. It makes me sad it isn't.

Our intent is also to not apply knee jerk fixes based on the first few weeks as understanding of the game and strategies are still in flux. The game is young, and we don't feel that it would have been helpful to progressing peoples understanding by throwing in tons of fixes based on flavor-of-the-week (or day, or hour) strats.

We see a lot of variation between the regions. Making a change for how NA players play may be completely ridiculous for how KR players play, and actually mess up a balance there. For instance 10 of their top 20 players are zerg. So that's one place where we have to be mindful and careful and attack balance issues with great prejudice.

That said. There are balance changes coming. What everyone was seeing in beta with tons of quick balance changes are because it was in beta and we feel we can get away with throwing out a lot of 'we think this may help' type fixes. With a live environment we're not going to throw stuff out there unless we're pretty sure. We've played. We've looked at data. We've looked at each region. And then we act. Which isn't to say we may not be wrong from time to time, but it's a more measured approach than beta players may be used to or expecting.

The differences between Korean and American realms was brought up a lot during the beta, and most recently the most recent BlizzCast. Do you think this is something that can be fixed to balance the game in both regions? What changes do you think should be made?

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