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GosuGamers at E3: The Day One Report

I woke up in anticipation for this year's E3. My personal expectations were not very high because I did not have any to begin with because big eSports gaming took over my life. Now that I have the time to enjoy myself, I went to E3 to look at the show floor and see what different companies had to offer. I hopped in my friend's car and we were off to be greeted with the wonderful downtown Los Angeles traffic.

We get to the parking lot and into South Hall and made our journey to West Hall where all the first party companies were. The first game we tried was Dead or Alive 5 and I did end up beating him but I was trying to see how much the game has improved from the fourth installment. Game play seemed the same and it was hard to tell improvements in the actual fighting mechanics but the environment was on par to Tekken and the Virtua Fighter. I cannot say too much about the game because the build we were playing was not a polished one. The Tecmo Koei representative told me that he did not know of any new features or any new game modes so I was forced to look in my e-mail to see if anything new came up and Dead or Alive 5 and I found the release date, September 25, 2012. I will include some screenshots and a trailer for everyone.


After aimlessly walking around, we decided to go to Twitch TV's booth where I ended up meeting djWHEAT and playing Hawken on the PC. Hawken is an incredibly interesting game because it features mech play. I grew up with a lot of Armored Core so this was refreshing to play with all of the "big boy" FPS titles that were present. The visuals were nice and for the most part it was a fun game to play. The game is in beta as I type this but the build I was playing felt like it was ready for a release but they probably do not have enough maps to do a full release.

Here is also a picture of me with the ridiculous glasses they had while playing the game.

We tried other smaller titles and inquired about games like Resident Evil 6 but they were not a note worthy experience and Capcom was full but I will try again when I go back. For the most part, I was trying to find out where every booth was so that I could go there in the next couple of days to try everything. Valve was around but I did not find them and I know they were there because there were Counter Strike: Global Offensive stations but nothing else. Activision's booth was full the entire time so getting to try Black Ops 2 would have taken the entire day and I was not willing to wait hours to try a demo.

I did try the Zone of the Enders HD Collection and I already think it is a buy title. Konami partnered with Sunrise to redo all of the cutscenes to make them into animes and in HD. The actual game play was a bit confusing at first but after a minute I was used to it. Graphics wise, Konami did a great job in giving a face lift because those graphics were sick. I did try the PS3 version of the game but it is also appearing on 360 and on the Vita as well.

We do have pictures of the venue for everyone to look but unfortunately due to time constraints we could only get pictures of the outer part of South Hall but we did get shots of the inner parts of South and West Hall. Another thing was that my friend and I did see MLG matches getting played but not long enough to see who won. The game was partly saw was Ret vs Sheth. So here are the photos!


Oh yeah, we have a meeting with....


To look at....


All photos were taken by Vu Chu. I'll be posting a report every day and I will be doing a Roccat feature very soon.

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