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E3 2012: Prime Time for Sony

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Leading up to the press conference, Sony had a pre-show outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center with interviews from developers and a talk show with speculations leading up to the press conference. During the pre-show, a Sly Cooper game was shown just minutes before the show.

Sony's press conference started out with Jack Tretton going on stage giving the typical hype speech about the Playstation brand and how far it has come. After the speech ended, Jack went on to reveal that a new IP from Quantic Dream (the makers of Heavy Rain) will be shown. The Quantic Dream game director revealed Beyond: Two Souls starring Ellen Page as the main voice actress. Beyond: Two Souls looks like a supernatural thriller game that will tell a story similar to how Heavy Rain was told with heavy decision making sequences. The best part was that everything was in real time graphics.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale was revealed right after Beyond and it featured characters from the Playstation franchise. The gameplay looked exactly like Super Smash Bros. Not much else needs to be said because it was featuring the cross play between the Playstation Vita and the Playstation 3 so there was not much information that was present. New playable characters that were going to be shown on the show floor were revealed to be Nathan Drake (Uncharted series) and Big Daddy (Bioshock)

The rest of the conference had media deals that were acquired but Jack zoomed through those relatively quickly. There were also announcements that Playstation Plus members would be getting more benefits along with PS1 classics being available for the Playstation Vita, notably Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (which feature a female lead character) is heading to the Vita> and the ability to link this game and the Assassin's Creed III on the PS3 unlocks features for singleplayer and online play. Sony also announced a bundle with the white Vita being bundled with Assassin's Creed III: Liberation and another one for the PS3 being bundled with the game and exclusive DLC. Ubisoft also showed off some exclusive footage for Assassin's Creed in Sony's show with the naval battle.

Far Cry 3 was shown and the co-op multiplayer was demonstrated. Four people can play together and work to achieve goals. The demonstration had me asking a lot of questions about the multiplayer but I am patient enough to wait for more details to come out.

Playstation Move made it's appearance in a ridiculously long segment about revolutionizing the book featuring one of J.K. Rowling's inspirations called the Book of Spells which allows players to use the Move as a wand to cast spells. It would not be a Sony conference without the Playstation Move and here it was in full force. Basically the Move is used as a wand and the Playstation Eye would capture movements of the player dusting off a book or turning a page. This game would only appeal to kids or the casual gamer rather than the hardcore crowd.

After the Move segment, God of War: Ascension was shown and brought some life back into the keynote. Like any other God of War demonstration, it had Kratos brutally beating his foes in the short demo. When God of War was done, the lights and everything was silent and then the sound of birds chirping filled the room. It was the unveiling of the game play for Naughty Dog's project, The Last of Us. The demo featured a post-apocalyptic world that had gameplay elements from Uncharted with some tweaks to make The Last of Us unique.

The demo speaks for itself.

To review Sony's keynote, it was very nice but I felt that it was cut short. I would have loved to see a third party exclusive revealed or The Last Guardian footage while cutting the Move segment short. More support for Playstation Vita would have been nice because of the lack of titles for the handheld. Ending the press conference with a first party game was really nice compared to ending it with a multiplatform third party game.

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