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GosuBet June Season

GosuBet has been open for a bit less than ten months and is one of GosuGamers' strongest cards when it comes to success. So far, we have added 2,807 matches to our GosuBet for StarCraft and WarCraft 3, and expect more when GosuGamers now re-opens the GosuBet section! And this season - GosuBet June will be the best ever, including tons of exciting bets in the two games.

The last season of GosuBet has included a couple of bugs that caused the GosuBetters' minerals and gold disappear, and at times having more than they were supposed to. Our site development staff have scratched their heads for a long while about this bug but now the bug is dealt with, and we are ready for another season, bug-free.

June includes events such as DreamHack Summer 2006 (SC and WC3), StarsWar Season III (WC3), ClanBase EuroCup (SC and WC3), and of course all the World Cyber Games and Electronic Sports World Cup qualifiers hosted from around the world. We aim for a match-filled season and with many happy betters.

814 bets on Mondragon vs. Draco in AmeriCup 2 and a total of 212870 is currently the match with most minerals on it.

This marks the 9th season of GosuBet.

125,000 bets have been placed at GosuBet.

In our first season (not counting the beta season) we gave away a BlizzCon ticket, worth of 120$ USD. In this season we are happy to announce our GosuGamers T-Shirts as the first prize, one for each section.

The GosuBet section is built together with our GosuGamers Database, a database where all the matches from GosuBet are added, to create a ranking of the best players in the two scenes. The StarCraft section is based on competitions outside of Korea due to the big level difference, while in WarCraft 3 we include matches from all around the world.

GosuBet VI SC Highscore

#14794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 62188Puerto Rico PuertoRican
#24794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 41580Lithuania t.swd)Harse
#34794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 12125Mexico Revo-Mx
#44794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 12093China KnuSkool
#54794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 7610Russia PILAT
#64794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 7478Russia RiF)TanYa
#74794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 6956Spain MaZittO
#84794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 5782Finland loveeyes
#94794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 5778Germany LausNub
#104794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 5709Netherlands KattegaT

GosuBet VI WC3 Highscore

#1 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 7940 Czech Republic Dreamer-SPY
#2 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 6608 United States artofnightelf
#3 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 6245 Sweden Raistlin
#4 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 5716 Canada aTr.Ryu
#5 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 5327 Sweden Winegum
#6 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 1674 France Kassios
#7 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 1444 Germany AuDeO[Shrine]
#8 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 1247 Germany Nosywo
#9 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 738 Poland cdn
#10 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 607 Sweden nesseman

GosuBet How-To

Every season you start with 50 minerals/gold. If you lose these minerals you can always reset them back at My GosuBets -> Reset to 50.
You can bet as many minerals/gold you want on a match. The more minerals/gold you bet on a player, the odds for that player will change. The lower the odds, the higher your chances to win a great amount of minerals.
The results of a match will initially return minerals based upon odds decided upon amounts of minerals in total in each match.

What is the GosuBet?

A free betting system based top matches from the StarCraft and WarCraft 3 leagues.
A system that gives the user coverage from all the top matches, with either text, video or audio coverage.
A user-friendly system where you can discuss your bets with other users on the specific match.

Improvements from last season

Fixed a bug with negative mineral/gold.
You are now able reset to 50 minerals whenever you want.
Prizes in the end of the seasons in the form of GosuGamers T-Shirts.
You are able to suggest your own bets, which GosuGamers will confirm and add.

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