Introduction to Hautamaki's Strategy Guide

Throughout Starcraft's long history there has never been a complete and comprehensive strategy guide covering all aspects of the game and laid out in a manner that can actually help a player of almost any skill level not only improve their game in certain areas, but teach them from the bottom up how this game we love actually works. For the Protoss race at least, now there is...

- Part 1.1 published.
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Patch 1.12 - Updates and changes

Blizzard - "We have been working on a new patch for StarCraft"! Here it is today, the 1.12 patch has been released! GosuGamers has gathered it all, from updates to bugs, improvements to competition consequences! Found a bug? Report it to us and we will list them all!

- Drones harvest ability is not changed.
- Replays are not working 100%.
- Hotkey-issues can be fixed without 1.12b.
- Patch 1.12b released.
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Sun Tzu's Art of Starcraft

Sun Tzu's Art of War is probably the best known work on the subject of strategy and warfare in history, and has influenced military leaders for millenia. This article will explore Starcraft through the lens of the original Art of War, and attempt to show how one's strategic play can be enhanced by a full understanding of the timeless principles of warfare first given by Sun Tzu in his legendary work.

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Infernal Gamers

Infernal Gamers has been around now for two years, and has been the clan where many great players have risen. Follow us on this journey through iG. history; did you know that the Korean progamer Gundam is a member under the name iG.Joe? Read on!

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We are today proud to announce the release of GosuGamers! Click "full story" on this feature to read everything about why we changed and answers to any of the questions you might have!

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Interview with Legionnaire

He is one of the most recognizable players in the world, one of the best foreigners alive today and currently a Progamer for the Hexatron Pro Team. Being one of the only foreigners to ever grace the spot light in the Korean scene, Legionnaire is the man to talk to. The Protoss phenom Legionnaire gives us a great interview involving his life in Korea, how he trains for matches and much more.

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Interview with KeNKa

He was called the StarCraft badboy, and participated in WCG 2001, and was in Korea for three months during 2002 playing StarCraft. For a long while he has been inactive, but now he's back. KeNKa is the leader of a new sponsored Swedish clan - G064, sponsored by AMD.

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Galaxay Tribune


he galaxy tribune will now be a frequently updated feature at GosuGamers. We hope you enjoy the efforts of the mysterious editor, Petar Jager, that have resulted in this high quality periodical.

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The Future of WCG

Since its conception, WCG is in a constant quest of self-improvement and growth. It is a visionary long term investment plan for Samsung. The WCG website has released another poll asking the following question which sparks more questions about the future of WCG and Samsung's involvement with it.

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KotH: Testie vs. Beast

For a bit more than a month, the battle for the hill has been non-existant. Events like World Cyber Games have made a truce among the king and challengers. Both the challenger and our King were there, the challenger as a splinter in the kings mind, feeling that some day they would face each other. The newfound challenger ended up in third place, while our King ended Top 16. That's right, Bulgaria Beast will go up against our king - Canada Testie.
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