sG Power League proudly present; 16 players, carefully chosen and invited are now about to compete in a league for glory and fame.

16 players divided into 4 groups where the top 2 advance. Every Monday 20.00 CET, 2 matches from every group will be played in a best out of three series. The winner gets a point, the loser gets none.

Every match played is counted as a win or a loss. After the first group stage, the player with most points will advance to the second group stage. Thereafter is a playoff waiting.

There are strict rules in this league and they are meant to be followed. If not, the players will recieve a warning, three warnings results in a kick out of the current season.

When a season is done, a new one starts. Top 8 stays in the tournament, the rest have to re-qualify. But as the second season starts, everyone has the chance to join. Public preliminaries will be played as well as a number of preliminaries with invited players.

Every week there will be a live shoutcast from one match. We choose the match we find the most interesting and make a full coverage using winamp shoutcast radio over the Internet. Latest information about the league with results are published at the site as soon as the matches are done. Replays will be uploaded the day after.
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Coverage: WCG 2003

World Cyber Games 2003 - "Beyond the game" will start October 12 and end October 18. A total of 58 Starcraft players are participating, representing 38 nations. 600 gamers from all around the world will compete for the total purse of $350,000 US Dollars and the title World Champion in the Olympic Park in Seoul, Korea. There has been a national preliminary in every country during the whole year, and it's now time for the finals. The last step in order to name the world champion in the following games: Starcraft: Brood War, Half-Life: CounterStrike, Unreal Tournament 2003, Fifa Soccer 2003, Age of Mythology, Warcraft III, Halo and Survival Project. This coverage will give you interviews with some of the participating players (including replay packages) and the latest information from the tournament. Use the navigation above in order to get to the different sections.

ยป Latest update: October 17 12.00
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2on2 with the same IP

This guide is for people who like to share their connection, to play in a 2on2-game using the same IP-adress on I recommend that people who don't share their connecton, but have a router with a built-in firewall also follow this guide, because it will make your connection to much more stable. You will also be allowed to create games, which usually doesn't work when you've got a router.
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WCG Sweden 03 finals

Sunday September the 14th, it will all begin. The qualifications for World Cyber Games Sweden in Brood War will be ended. One player out of 16, will win the tournament and travel to Korea to represent Sweden. 16 players have been chosen after a total of 8 preliminaries all around Sweden during the summer. This article contains all the necessary information about the national final for both the players and the visitors.

Per "SaFT" Johansson wins the tournament.
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Koth: TreK vs VeG

Somewhere in the southern part of Sweden, on a sharp-edged hill stands a brutal warrior, officialy known as a king. His breath is heavy, his body exhausted, his sword covered in blood and his eyes focuced as he looks down at the corpse of his defeated enemy. He had won. He had slayed the attack of the zerg master, but it was close, and he knew it. He also knew that it didn't matter, because the next attack against him was already on it's way. But when? And who?

Suddenly, TreK noticed something on the horizon. Something was approaching rapidly. The king knew he had to survive this last battle in order to succeed. Everything would be lost if he was defeated now. His kingdom would end and his victories would be worthless. This was the battle that really mattered.

The king grasped his sword and focused his mind on the black object far away on the dark and damp plains. The enemy is incoming.

September 5th - TreK wins 4 games to 2. Full coverage and replays uploaded.
September 5th - Radio information updated
August 28th - Added the King's presentation
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Interview: Daaman

I believe that this time of the year is the time with the biggest inactivity. Both big parts of the Crew are on vacation - and so are many of the visitors. I myself has been away for a couple of days and when I saw this big "nothing is happening" face on everybody, I decided to encourage you in these dark days. I've chosen to make an interview with one of Team SWE's top profiles: Daaman[pG]. Enjoy!
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Koth: TreK vs Mondragon

ONCE AGAIN A NEW CHALLENGER has been chosen. This time it's Mondragon's turn to attack TreK, our current king. It will all be concluded in a best out of seven game, Thursday 18.00 CET, in channel op Mazor-sG at Europe, This time it's only 6 maps to choose from, and each map may only be chosen once. The first map is Neo Bifrost. Show us some skills boys!
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Koth: TreK vs Child

NOW IT'S FINALLY time for the much anticipated continuation of our King of the Hill tournament. In the first round it is iN.TreK who will face SaSin)Child. SaSin)Child is a very good zerg user who has been dominating many foriegn gamers. He is known as one of SaSin's finest and is really starting to get noticed in the european community. For those of you who are just learning about SaSin, they are one of the best Korean clans on West. But how will he stand against iN.TreK's stable terran and zerg?
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Templars Of Twilight

TEMPLARS OF TWILIGHT is one of the best clans on the net and the best non-Korean team. What started out as just a clan that a boy from Germany and his brother goofing around on BGH and other money maps, has now turned into one of the toughest clans to join. Lead by Mondragon it has some of the best gamers around the world but mainly favors Germany's finest. This clan presentation allows people to see what ToT is thinking and their plans in there future and how it may affect many gamers. Enjoy.
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Edit hotkeys

HAVE YOU EVER FELT that your hotkeys are not in the perfect position to fit your play ? Then change them! This guide shows you how to do it and what programs you'll need.

7th June - All files are now downloadable.
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