Templars Of Twilight

TEMPLARS OF TWILIGHT is one of the best clans on the net and the best non-Korean team. What started out as just a clan that a boy from Germany and his brother goofing around on BGH and other money maps, has now turned into one of the toughest clans to join. Lead by Mondragon it has some of the best gamers around the world but mainly favors Germany's finest. This clan presentation allows people to see what ToT is thinking and their plans in there future and how it may affect many gamers. Enjoy.
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Edit hotkeys

HAVE YOU EVER FELT that your hotkeys are not in the perfect position to fit your play ? Then change them! This guide shows you how to do it and what programs you'll need.

7th June - All files are now downloadable.
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WCG Sweden

WORLD CYBER GAMES 2003, Seoul, Korea. Do you want to represent Sweden in Korea this autumn? This is the official article that has the necessary information about the Swedish qualifications.

Update 2003-09-09 - The WCG Sweden 03 Starcraft qualifications has ended. The players who has qualified can be found in the article under the headline 'Qualified players'.
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Strategical Series 1.2

In 2005 Nic Hautamaki released together with GosuGamers the start of a complete Protoss strategy guide. After two years of waiting, we are proud to announce the next part: Micromanagement.

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