WCG 2004 coverage

World Cyber Games 2004

StarcraftGamers on spot coverage. We've gathered the players, their own predictions and will be running the most dedicated live coverage on StarcraftGamers ever, in order to name the best of the best. We will have at least three crew members in San Fransisco delivering the latest news, directly to you.

- Report from » 4th October.
- Report from » 5th October.
- Report from » 6th October.
- Interview with » Xellos.
- Report from » 7th October.
- Groups A-H » replays.
- Report from » 8th October.
- Report from » 9th October.
- Update » Beast third.
- Finals report » Xellos wins.
- Interview with » Xellos 2.
StarCraft Raistlin

King of the Hill - Testie vs. Eriador

For a long time, Canada Testie has been sitting on his throne, polishing his golden crown greedily, without having to worry about it being taken from him. After taking the throne away from Spain SuKeR, Testie feels right at home on the Hill.
Now, a man from the land of the North has come to claim that throne. He happens to be one of the best in his country, since he will be the one to represent his country in the World Cyber Games. That's right, the challenger is none other than Norway Eriador[pG]!

Update: Testie wins four-nil. Press 'Read more' for coverage of the match.
StarCraft Raistlin

WCG Nordic 2004 - Coverage

WCG Nordic 2004 has begun, the players ready, almost everyone checked in and it's a full warmup going on. At the moment, there's a total of 104 players signed in so far.

This will be the main coverage where we will update continously the results of this tournament.

The rules can be find under the section called 'Preliminary rules'.
StarCraft Mazor

Clanbase Playoffs - Overall Coverage

After seven intense rounds in the ClanBase Nations Cup for StarCraft: Brood War, the time for the playoffs has now come. Now, the competition has raised a pitch, since the four best nations from each of the four groups have qualified, more or less convincing. In this article, you will be able to read about each nation's way through the group stages and of course brackets and results of the playoffs.
StarCraft Raistlin

Nordic WCG 2004

- World Cyber Games prelimiaries 2004 in the Nordic countries -

StarcraftGamers are happy to announce that we have successfully managed to gather sponsors and the organization to host the first Nordic preliminary for Starcraft in WCG ever!

This year does not only feature Swedish preliminaries for WCG in Starcraft, but we will also be hosting the preliminaries for our brothers Norway and Finland! One player will represent each country in the final tournament in San Francisco, USA.

The event will take place 31st of July at Sweden Inferno Online Stockholm and will be a night dedicated to Starcraft Gaming. GosuGamers will be hosting the tournaments and it's through this feature you will be able to have a look at the coverage, registration, pictures, latest updates and much more.

After the tournament is over the night gib will begin, from midnight until 09.00 in the morning.
StarCraft Mazor

Interview with Rekrul

I had a chat with United States [pG]Rekrul earlier this evening, after reading over at TeamLiquid that he would be heading for Korea in 7 days to join the Hexatron DreamTeam. I knew that he was going, but I didn't realize it was so soon.

After reading previous interviews with Rekrul, I thought that he was a bit arrogant and controversial, but in this interview my view of this happy American changes completely.
As expected, we talk a lot about his trip coming up, pro gaming, USA and of course World Cyber Games.

I would like to thank China Emlary for the images I've used in this interview. It comes from her vault.
StarCraft Raistlin

Starcraft: Ghost @ E3 coverage

As some of you may have heard me say during E3, I got the chance to play StarCraft:Ghost at the show and I said I would let you guys know what it was like. I know a lot of you PC Gamers, myself included, are quite displeased at the fact that this game is only coming out for the home consoles, but you have to give the game a chance. It's advancing the StarCraft story and anymore of the wonderful story that I can get from the StarCraft universe would be quite nice! If you haven't played through the brilliant single-player mode of StarCraft, then take a break from multiplayer for a bit and see what a great story you are missing.

Anyways, this article discusses the various types of missions that are in StarCraft:Ghost, how varied the enemies are, and how it stacks up against other stealth action titles. Get ready for some exclusive pictures; Enjoy!
StarCraft DJTyrant

Tournament rules

These are the rules, obey or be gone!

When you read trough this text you will see that it is not very hard to follow all of the rules. Just act like if everyone who participates is your grandmother and it should be all fine. Be mannered and don't try to cheat.

Also notice that StarcraftGamers' » Terms and Conditions applies to these tournaments.
StarCraft zoxxer

Sweden vs. Poland

Last time these two nations fought it had to be settled at the very last. One and a half years ago, Sweden beat Poland wih 5-4, with the even game score (11-11). That Nation war included some of the most well known names in Europe - TreK, Blackman, Daaman and sYs. The list could be made long, and I don't doubt for a second that this nation war will be less exciting.
StarCraft Raistlin


There are two ways in which you can look at Brood War. Some of you will say that it is just a game, others would argue against this and claim that it is much more of a sport. It doesn't really matter how you categorize it really, what I am trying to get across is the foundations of what people think about the game. Brood War is a game/sport!
StarCraft sailow