CSGO Major WInners

CS:GO Major winners throughout the years

We explore the past winners of previous CS:GO Majors as we approach Major Rio 2022.
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hanoi vietnam sea games garena viresa

The ups and downs of the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam

The 31st SEA Games held in Hanoi, Vietnam over the last few weeks was a roller coaster ride of emotion and drama.
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Halo Series

Review: The Halo series is a messy adaptation but it can be redeemed

Paramount’s Halo series had a pretty awful first season, but there is hope for Season 2.
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OG players with ESL One Stockholm major trophy

Stockholm Major: A look at OG's versatile farm distribution

While the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 champions OG had a lot of tricks up their sleeve, one of their strong points was their versatility in farm distribution a
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ESL One Stockholm Major 2022

Fun facts about ESL One Stockholm Major 2022

ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 is over and done with, crowing OG the champions. We have gathered some fun facts about the event that will interest fans.
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DPC Dota 2

Major Disappointment; No money or DPC points for bottom six teams

Since the introduction of regional leagues, Majors no longer provide DPC and prize money to all teams competing and that has come under fire.
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Overwatch 2 maps

Impressions: Overwatch 2's new maps are a breath of fresh air

We’re breaking down all of Overwatch 2’s new maps and Push game mode from the closed beta.
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GosuAwards Predict the Champions

GosuGamers presents the GosuAwards: WCS SEA 2022 Finals Edition

While the WCS SEA 2022 Finals ended a short time ago, GosuGamers still has a fantastic way for you to win with a brand-new GosuAwards.
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Overwatch 2 header

Overwatch 2's PvP beta is a different game, for better or worse

Overwatch 2 promises big changes and new content to freshen up the PvP experience, but it also adds onto a compounding problem.
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Dota 2 ESL One Stockholm Major

ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 survival guide

ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 is set to kick off tomorrow, May 12th with 14 teams competing for the lion's share of the $500,000 and 3,530 DPC points.
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