E3 2012: Geno's Day Two Report

GosuGamers' very own Lauro "Geno" Pangilinan goes to E3 to try the newest titles that will be released later this year and early next year!
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The Swede in Singapore - A Loda tale

GosuGamers editor-in-chief Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand sits down with Zenith's fifth Jonathan "Loda" Berg to talk about the move to Singapore. We go over his role in Zenith, his thoughts on possibly facing CLG in The International and his relationship with Kelly "kellyMILKIES" Ong.

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The Problem With Players

Seth "Sazab" Tompkins brings up the current distribution of power in the DOTA2 scene. His editorial piece open discussions as to how talent gets to call the shots.
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GosuGamers at E3: The Day One Report

Lauro "Geno" Pangilinan writes about his day one experiences at E3.
- "I ended up meeting djWHEAT and playing Hawken on the PC. Hawken is an incredibly interesting game because it features mech play."

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E3 2012: Nintendo Part One

Nintendo was the last of the big three to take the center stage to try and dazzle fans. They were hyped by many in the industry to bring the hammer this year. In this first part, they demonstrate the highly anticipated WiiU.
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Interview: gREYKARN, DreamHack Head of Esports

GosuGamers checks the pulse on Tomas "gREYKARN" Hermansson, the DreamHack Head of Esports. We ask how the preparations are going, how they attempt to leverage from last year's DreamHack event.

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E3 2012: Prime Time for Sony

Going second, Sony takes Monday's last slot to impress gamers with their plans for the rest of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.
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E3 2012: Microsoft's Promising Start

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the biggest convention in gaming. Taking place at the Galen Center in downtown Los Angeles, Microsoft takes the podium to reveal what they have in store for 2012.
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Natus Vincere vs mousesports

Replay analysis: Natus Vincere vs mousesports

Na'Vi and mouz are fighting each other in the second season of StarLadder: Mouz is playing this game with a new face on among its ranks: CWM. Na'Vi on the other hand is complete, although the team lost a few games recently. Each game on Starladder matters, as the best teams qualified will fight at the LAN finals. Let's see if mouz can survive Na'Vi's laning phase and deal with their intense pushing strat game.

Click here for the VoD.
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NS's Blog about Roshan

Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov is starting to write a Dota 2 strategy blog over at his teams' clan Virtus.Pro, in Russian. GosuGamers.net recieved the permission to publish his very first blog entry in an English translation. NS explains in his first blog why Roshan is imbalanced in why he would like him to drop Cheese always instead of Aegis.

NS' Blog "A little bit about Roshan":

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