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Bleed Esports Interview
Mobile Legends9 months agoJarrad "Belandrial" Adams

Bleed Esports Interview: "Please nerf Lancelot a little"

Bleed Esports look to bring the power of PH to Singapore as they bring in two imports to bolster their chances of reaching the M5 World Championship.

With only their second season in the Mobile Legends Professional League in Singapore, Bleed Esports is looking to make even more waves than they did in Season 5. The team, with Andrew “Potato” Lim as their coach, managed a respectable third place last season, and now have brought in two extremely well-known players from the Philippines, as they go in search of an MPL SG title and a spot at M5. With Week 2 of the Regular Season just around the corner, we managed to catch up with Bleed and find out a bit more about how everything is going.

Coming into MPL SG Season 6, how do the team feel about their chances of finally reaching the M5 World Championship?

We feel confident about our chances of being the champion, but for now we need to analyse other teams first.

It was a mixed bag of results in Week 1 of MPL SG Season 6. What do you feel the team’s biggest challenge is right now?

I think the team’s biggest challenge is to be on par with international levels. We are trying different ways to reach that level, but we will keep what we are doing secret for now.

Which team do you feel is your biggest competitor in SG and why?

Team Flash, because most of them are experienced players.

Philippines imports are quickly becoming a big aspect in many regions, with a few teams in SG now joining in. How important is it to mix things up with these imports?

Imported international players are beneficial to the Singapore esports scene because they elevate the level of gameplay here. Whether they’re from the Philippines or elsewhere, international players bring more diverse strategies and perspectives that allow players in Singapore to learn from and improve further. On the less tangible side of things, they also expose players in Singapore to new cultures, communication styles, and ways of working.

How have Kielvj and s4gitnu fit into the SG playstyle and your lineup?

With their experience in the Philippines competitive circuit, Kielvj and s4gitnu have definitely helped elevate our playstyle. But I won’t say any more, or we will give our game plan away. If you want to learn how they fit into our playstyle and line-up, you’ll have to watch us in Week 2 this Saturday, when we’ll take on RSG SG.

How influential are the picks and bans in regions such as PH, ID, and MY in SG’s MPL?

It is very influential for the meta because they are on a full-time schedule, so they have probably already experimented with most of the hero picks and bans.

The Emblem system was recently reworked completely. How do you feel about the overhaul?

We feel that the recent emblem system change is good as it allows flexibility for players to customise their talents and stats according to what would work better in each game.

Do you feel that SG has fallen away from being one of the strongest regions in MLBB as the game opens up to more regions across the globe?

Yes. Singapore used to be one of the strongest regions during the 1st Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) in 2017. However, due to players in Singapore not being able to commit full-time, other regions such as Indonesia and Philippines have overtaken us and are widening this gap.

Which region do you feel is the strongest right now?

The Philippines. Because most of their gameplay is very textbook style and high in discipline.

If you could pick one team to go up against, who would it be?

Onic ID. Although we will not be able to match their level, it will be exciting to experience their level of gameplay and offer us many learning opportunities that we can use to elevate our gameplay further.

Are there any heroes which you would like to see buffed or become part of the current meta?

Nana, because it was my first hero when I started playing MLBB. I really wish to see her more in the competitive scene.

Following that, are there any heroes which you are tired of seeing in the meta?

Lancelot, because the hero is high on mobility and it's super hard to catch, especially when he goes tank build. Please nerf Lancelot a little haha.

That wraps up our brief insight into the world of Bleed Esports as they move forward into Week 2 of the Regular Season in MPL SG Season 6. Having already faced one tough opponent in the form of HomeBois SG in Week 1, this weekend we will see Bleed take on Alchemy SG on Saturday, September 16, and RSG SG on Sunday, September 17. We wish Bleed Sports the best of luck in their journey through the season and thank them for taking the time to chat with us.

Jarrad "Belandrial" AdamsBelandrial has spent most of his years following Dota 2 closely, but now has found a new home in the complex world of Mobile Esports. When not watching nearly every possible esports title available, you can find me running around Azeroth or building strange bases in Valheim.

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