Riot Games Introduces Escalation to Valorant

General Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

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The new game mode forces your team to use whatever is given, and still win.

Riot Games has just updated Valorant with a new game mode called Escalation. It is set to go live on February 17 and available to all players.

As per Riot:

'Escalation is a casual, fast-paced mode designed for fun social play and perfect for encouraging players to practice with new weapons. In this mode, players are given powerful guns at the start of the match... but as they get more kills, their powerful weapons are periodically replaced with progressively more challenging and less lethal ones'

The mechanics of the game will be similar to a respawning team deathmatch. A set amount of points needs to be collected by the team to progress to the next stage. In total, there are 12 stages to clear. The challenge is team-based but each player will need to pitch in to ensure absolute victory for the team. Players are only allowed abilities that are given to you through the loadouts in every escalation.

At each escalation, there will be different loadouts:

  • Level 1: Always either Raze’s Showstopper or Vandal/Phantom
  • Level 2: Always Vandal or Phantom.
  • Levels 3–11: Assorted weapons and abilities
  • Level 12: Possible Shorty, Classic, Knife, Shock Dart...or the Snowball Launcher
  • Health: Every death drops a health pack that expires after 10 seconds

At the end, if no team has won after 10 minutes, the team in the lead wins and the match ends. Riot expects each match will average around 8 minutes.

Image by Riot Games

·         In designing Escalation, we wanted to create a quick, low stress Team Deathmatch mode with high uptime that's fun to play socially with friends. We're hoping to provide players with an opportunity to practice gunplay across the entire arsenal and experience some abilities in novel ways, while providing a shared objective that benefits from some coordination but doesn't require it for a team to succeed.”

Kyle Leach, Engineer/Designer on Modes


Riot did not share when the mode will be taken offline, so if you want to try it out you should try it now before it is too late.


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