DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN

DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN

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General Info

Prize pool
1. ~ $10,500 USD
Other.gif stayGreen
2. ~ $5,300 USD
Sweden.gif Denial eSports
3-4. ~ $3,800 USD
Sweden.gif Lions eSports
3-4. ~ $3,800 USD
Other.gif Too Much Sugar
5-6. ~ $3,000 USD
Europe.gif Internet Gangsters
5-6. ~ $3,000 USD
Sweden.gif Shit Happens
Group Stage: November, 28th-29th - Bo1
The ten top teams will be split up into two groups with five teams each, battling it out for the valuable points to advance. Every match in this round robin stage will be Best of One.
The Top 3 from the groups advance and will be seeded into the Championship Bracket. The winner of each group will go directly into the Semifinals, the second and third place finishers have to go through the Quarterfinal stage.

Championship Bracket: November, 30th - Bo3
Single Elimination, Best of Three all the way. The six best teams of the HoN face elimination scenarios, they go up against the strongest adversaries and in the end only one team will reign supreme and leave the Elmia as the new DreamHack Champion.

1 team - as the reigning Champion
3 teams - representing the NA/EU region
3 teams - representing the Nordic region
1 team - representing the SEA region
2 teams - coming out of the BYOC

How to watch
DreamHack is completely in charge of the production on this event. The official DreamHack HoN stream will be live and show the most exciting matches from both groups, the playoff stage and obviously the big conclusion with the Grand Finals. BreakyCPK and Beef will handle the shoutcasting.


Liveblog from DHW13 in Jönköping


Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 at 21:58 – CHAMPIONS – Fantasy44

Stay what? stayGreen! 

The Champs reclaim their title with all five members adding a second championship to their resume! Denial gets blown out of the DreamArena, but walks away with a respectable second place!


Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 at 19:37 – The Final Step – beefpotpie

Well, we're here at the casting booth for the Grand Finals. Unfortunately some major delays in BF4 caused us to be unable to start setting up until 30 minutes after we were supposed to be live, and now I think the players are certainly taking their time. Breaky and I are waiting for cues from production but we're pretty in the dark, so we're just kinda waiting.

We're both really hoping that Denial manages an upset here to take it to game three, but realistically it seems like our time in the Dream Arena is going to be rather limited. Looks like game invites are going out now... hope to get started soon! GLHF


Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 at 16:17 – What A Game! – Fantasy44

Insane action coming out between Lions and stayGreen for the spot in the Grand Finals. After intense action, great Gauntlet plays and a lot of emotions flying back and forth through the booth, stayGreen prevails and gets to challenge Denial eSports in the Grand Finals. Tough to follow this up though, let's hope for more of the same!

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Championship Bracket

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Group Stage


stayGreen wins DreamHack Winter 2013

stayGreen has done it again - for the second time in a row. The best team in Newerth right now came to Jönköping, Sweden with only one goal and once the dust settled they have reached that. The squad can now legitimately challenge for "Best Team Of All Time" tying the major titles of the legendary fnatic.MSI.

iNsania: Our losses came down to the draft

The first Grand Finals match is in the books as the tournament takes a break - time enough for us to catch up with iNsania and ask him about his performance, the team's future. Since he is a great analyst we obviously also asked him about the Grand Finals and his expectations.

DHW13 Day : Four Teams Remaining

The second day of DreamHack started with the BYOC teams taking center stage and it also ended with the surprise of the tournament getting knocked out - a BYOC team. Now only four teams are left to fight for the distinct honor of being called DreamHack Winter Champion.

Zlapped: tmsR match can go either way

Day 2 of the DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN event is in the books and Denial eSports continues it's path of success. GosuGamers got to talk to their captain Zlapped and got a unique insight in the team's progress, his personal experience, the team's performance at the event and the roster changes.

Beef: Good to be around nerds

GosuGamers had the chance to talk to one of the voices of the DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN event - Kyle 'Beef' Bautista. In the interview not only his rookie status at DreamHack was discussed, but also his take on the tournament, the teams and obviously his favorite team in Lions eSports.

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GosuBets Competition


Upcoming Matches


Team Info


Qualified through: DreamHack Summer 2013 Championship

GosuGamers Rank: #1
HT S2 Record: 35-7-0

United%20States.gif swindlemelonzz (Mid)
United%20States.gif ZfreeK (Support)
Sweden.gif Limmp (Suicide)
Sweden.gif Chessie (Carry)
Sweden.gif Mynuts (Jungle)

Lions eSports

Qualified through: DreamHack Winter NA/EU Qualifier

GosuGamers Rank: #2
HT S2 Record: 28-8-0

Sweden.gif Handsken (Jungle)
Sweden.gif Sealkid (Support)
Sweden.gif Jonassomfan (Suicide)
Sweden.gif fUzi (Carry)
Sweden.gif SuperKGE (Mid)

Too Much Sugar

Qualified through: DreamHack Winter NA/EU Qualifier

GosuGamers Rank: #3
HT S2 Record: 21-14-0

Denmark.gif Haxxeren (Carry)
Canada.gif MoonMeander (Support)
Germany.gif KheZu (Suicide)
Sweden.gif Tankafett (Jungle)
Australia.gif sLiCKz (Mid)

Internet Gangsters

Qualified through: DreamHack Winter NA/EU Qualifier

GosuGamers Rank: #4
HT S2 Record: 17-14-0

Sweden.gif iNsania (Jungle)
United%20States.gif Sender (Support)
Sweden.gif Xibbe (Suicide)
Greece.gif FibEli3 (Carry)
Sweden.gif Zergo (Mid)

Made in Thailand.Sorry Sorry

Qualified through: DreamHack Winter SEA Qualifier

GosuGamers Rank: #6
G-Lea Record: 42-6-10

Thailand.gif Peter_yedss5 (Jungle)
Thailand.gif DYISCor (Support)
Thailand.gif Esc` (Suicide)
Thailand.gif BagtygAsry (Carry)
Thailand.gif Mrsunz (Mid)

Reason Gaming

Qualified through: DreamHack Nordic Qualifier

GosuGamers Rank: #9
HT S2 Record: 18-14-0

Denmark.gif Saintrox (Mid)
Sweden.gif ArchiTiger (Carry)
Denmark.gif Buch (Suicide)
Finland.gif Malle (Jungle)
Sweden.gif Znoowy (Support)

Denial eSports

Qualified through: DreamHack Nordic Qualifier

GosuGamers Rank: #12
HT S2 Record: 20-4-0

Sweden.gif Zlapped (Jungle)
Sweden.gif Support (Support)
Sweden.gif m`ICKe (Suicide)
Sweden.gif Flensmeister (Carry)
Denmark.gif probusk (Mid)

The Law

Qualified through: DreamHack Nordic Qualifier

GosuGamers Rank: #21
HT S2 Record: 14-8-0

Sweden.gif Biver (Support)
Greece.gif Panny (Jungle)
Sweden.gif Jarlungen (Suicide)
Denmark.gif SeQuenSe (Carry)
Sweden.gif brodex_5lvl (Mid)

BYOC teams


Sweden.gif showyo
Sweden.gif Tishyn
Sweden.gif bestahesten
Sweden.gif RpdOwnage
Sweden.gif Heartskate

Shit Happens

Sweden.gif Mikeyman
Sweden.gif Addrow
Sweden.gif ImbaPingu
Sweden.gif KurtSvensson