G-1 Champions League 2013

G-1 Champions League 2013

General information

Prize pool
1. $40,210 USD
2. $12,800 USD
3. $4,800 USD
4. $3,200 USD
5-6. $1,600 USD
> Starts March 16
> Asia and Western qualifiers
> 4 from Asia qualify to playoffs
>>> multiple qualifer phases
> 2 from West qualify to offline
>>> bracket with 12 invited teams to play
Offline playoffs
> Dates: May 24th - 26th
> Location: Shanghai, China
> Stage 1: 6 teams round robin, 4 teams advance
> Stage 2: 4 teams bubble race
>>> For further info check this link.

English stream by BTS, Ayesee
> Russian stream by v1lat

G-1 Champions League 2013 Live Streams

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Coverage Updates


Friday, 31 May 2013 at 12:33 – GosuBet contest winners! – Tjernobylbarnet

The winners for the GIGABYTE GosuBet contest are announced.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013 at 17:00 – Interview with ChuaN – Tjernobylbarnet

If you're curious about some of the possibilites why iG performed under their level at G-1, check out the interview we made with ChauN yesterday:

Also find out who Pajkatt thinks is the best player in the world.


Monday, 27 May 2013 at 15:23 – Interview with TC and Bulba up – Tjernobylbarnet

The interview with TC and Bulba is up and ready to be viewed by anyone and everyone.

To read the summary and general content of the spoken interview, check the following link:

Take me to the full blog

Featured articles

ChuaN: "We thought we were ahead"

ChuaN of Invictus Gaming interviewed at the team's gaming house after G-1 Champions League in May 2013. He talks about the current shape, about east/west and about the future.

TC: 'We've made a lot of new fans, especially ixmike"

Team Liquid got eliminated during the round robin over at G-1 League playoffs this weekend. ReiNNNN spoke to TC and Bulba of the team after the group phase, where they share their impressions of China and the event.

G-1 League Day Four and Final Blog by ReiNNNN

As the games in Shanghai ends, this will be ReiNNNN's fourth and final blog for the G-1 League event. Read on as he described how he was nearly kidnapped in downtown Shanghai and some epic pictures of champagne wars.

Akke: 'They try to ban out a player, but we always have options'

Akke interviewed after their stellar group stage performance yesterday. He mentions things like play style differences, Chinese teams, gaming houses, the strategy they used against DK, the showmatch and other topics.

Orange.Ohaiyo: "Alliance's tactics are quite unique and well executed"

GosuGamers.net caught up with Ohaiyo from Neolution Orange during the G-1 LAN finals. He talked to Eric 'ReiNNNNN' Khor about their performance in the tournament, and their opponents from the East and the West. The interview can be found in both text and video format. 

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News for G-1 Champions League 2013

G-1 League contest winner gears arrived!

Good news for the three winners of the G-1 League raffle because your Gigabyte goodies have just arrived. We ran a Dota 2 benchmark on the graphics card and the results can be viewed inside. Goodies will be sent out by the end of the week.

G-1 League contest - the winners

The GosuBet contest we ran for G-1 Champion's League together with GIGABYTE is over and there winners are out. Check inside to find out if you are amongst them.

G-1 Day 3: Alliance undefeated in China

Alliance takes the G-1 League Championship without losing a single game. They beat LGD 2-0 in the finals whereas the second game shows a complete outplay by Alliance.

G-1 Day 2: Groupstage over, Alliance moves on to the final

The group is played and done. As a surprise to many, Invictus Gaming - champions of TI2 gets eliminated first. The other team to leave the competition is Team Liquid whereas Alliance wins the group 5-0 and are seeded straight into the Grand Final.

G-1 Day 1: : LGD dominant, Alliance and Orange victorious as well

The first day of G-1 League Finals in Shanghai has concluded and Alliance, Orange and LGD all remain victorious with two wins out of two games. Big favorite iG has disappointed so far.

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Round 2


Round 3


Main event - round robin

Team Matches Wins Draws Losses Pts
Alliance 5 5 0 0 15
LGD 5 4 0 1 12
DK 5 2 0 3 6
Neo.Orange 5 2 0 3 6
Liquid 5 1 0 4 3
iG. 5 1 0 4 3
DK eSports vs Alliance 0 – 1
Neolution.Orange vs Team Liquid 1 – 0
Invictus Gaming vs LGD 0 – 1
Team Liquid vs Alliance 0 – 1
DK eSports vs LGD 0 – 1
Invictus Gaming vs Neolution.Orange 0 – 1
Alliance vs Neolution.Orange 1 – 0
LGD vs Team Liquid 1 – 0
DK eSports vs Invictus Gaming 0 – 1
LGD vs Alliance 0 – 1
DK eSports vs Neolution.Orange 1 – 0
Team Liquid vs Invictus Gaming 1 – 0
Neolution.Orange vs LGD 0 – 1
Alliance vs Invictus Gaming 1 – 0
DK eSports vs Team Liquid 1 – 0

EU/NA qualifier

G-1 Asia Mini Playoffs

Asian Qualifiers phase 3

Asian Qualifiers phase 2

Asian Qualifiers phase 1

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