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First Starfield expansion Shattered Space gets spooky reveal trailer

Image: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield’s first expansion Shattered Space launches later this year, with a new location and story questline.

Bethesda Game Studios has unveiled a reveal trailer for Starfield’s first expansion Shattered Space. The expansion includes a new location and enemy faction, along with a story quest that dives deeper into the cult-like House Va’ruun. The expansion launches later this year on Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

Watch the trailer below:


Starfield unveils first expansion Shattered Space

Bethesda Game Studios’ first expansion for Starfield is finally ready to reveal itself. The horror-themed expansion Shattered Space takes players to an all-new location, diving deeper into House Va’ruun - a faction players might remember thanks to Andreja, the in-game companion who joins Constellation but hails from the House. The base game offered a few tantalising teases on the House’s twisted beliefs, but it looks like this expansion is going to dive fully into its secrets.

Here’s how Bethesda describes Shattered Space:

The home planet of House Va’ruun remains a mystery to the vast majority of the citizens of the Settled Systems. The religious zealots that make up this clandestine faction are known only by their dangerous reputation. When a distress signal originating from a derelict star station leads you on a path to Va’ruun’kai, you’ll begin to uncover the secrets surrounding the followers of the Great Serpent. Explore a new location, take on new enemies and experience the story of House Va’ruun when Shattered Space launches later this year.


More content is on the way for Starfield

Official mod support is finally coming to Starfield via Creations. Just like players have been able to mod out Fallout 4 and Skyrim with entirely new questlines and characters, they can now explore new handmade content for Starfield via the Creations menu, so long as there are Creators out there working on mods. Alternatively, you can also download the Creation Kit to make new Starfield content of your own. 

Creations will be added in an update coming to Starfield later this month, but there’s more. The update will also add a new mission that lets players join the Trackers Alliance, allowing them to pursue a series of bounty hunting quests. A new Bounty Scanner system will also allow you to scan random NPCs to see if they carry a bounty, after which you can decide between taking them in or persuading them into finding a peaceful resolution. 

More upgrade tiers for melee weapons and ammunition crafting are also coming as part of this June update. Check out more announcements and trailers from Xbox Games Showcase 2024 here.

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