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Alan Wake 2's first expansion Night Springs has a Control crossover

Image: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 is finally getting a physical release, and its first expansion is out now.

Remedy Entertainment has unveiled Alan Wake 2’s first expansion, and it’s sure to please fans of the developer’s previous game Control. Titled Night Springs, the Twilight Zone-themed DLC explores three ‘what if?’ story scenarios starring the waitress Rose, actor Shawn Ashmore and Jesse Faden, the playable protagonist of Control. Each character will feature in their own story segments in this expansion, which is out now on all platforms.

Watch the trailer below:


Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs expansion looks appropriately bonkers

Alan Wake 2’s new expansion Night Springs is the first of two promised DLCs for the game, both of which are bundled together with its Deluxe Edition. Night Springs takes a Twilight Zone-like peek into three non-canon stories within the Alan Wake universe, each starring a different character. The first stars the fanfiction writer-waitress Rose, the second stars Control protagonist Jesse Faden and the third stars actor Shawn Ashmore, who plays himself. 

In Rose’s story, players will get to play through a cheesy piece of fanfiction she wrote about Alan Wake. In Jesse’s story, they’ll get a Control crossover that explores what might have happened if Jesse ended up in Coffee World while looking for her brother, instead of the Oldest House. As for Shawn Ashmore, there’s a fun little homage to Remedy’s previous time-travelling game Quantum Break here - complete with a reunion between Ashmore and Courtney Hope. 

Alan Wake 2 is also getting a physical release, after its digital-only launch last year. This includes a $80 Deluxe Edition launching on October 22 and a much more expensive $200 collector’s edition releasing in November. The collector’s edition includes a functional Angel Lamp replica, making it pretty tempting for hardcore fans of the sequel. 

Alan Wake 2: Night Springs is out now on all platforms. Check out more announcements and trailers from Summer Game Fest Live here.

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