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Massive Insomniac Games leak reveals Wolverine footage, X-Men game

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Documents and personal information from Insomniac Games’ staff and upcoming projects have been leaked online by hackers. 

Plans for upcoming projects from Marvel’s Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games have been leaked online after the company was hacked by a ransomware group called Ryhsida. The group threatened to publish stolen company documents if it wasn’t given 50 bitcoins as payment, and this week followed through on that threat. 

These leaked documents not only contain early in-development footage for Marvel’s Wolverine, but details on upcoming projects in Insomniac’s slate like Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, a multiplayer Spider-Man game and an X-Men game. 


Massive Insomniac Games hack included 1.6TB of data

To say that the Insomniac Games hack is devastating to employees at the company is an understatement. Personal information for staff and actors, along with restricted company documents were leaked in a bundle of data amounting to 1.3 million files in total and more than 1.6TB in storage size. It’s unclear what personal information was leaked in this data breach relating to the company’s staff, but the rest of the hack saw presentation slides, early concept art, release timelines, contractual details, Slack messages and more published online. 

Insomniac’s upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine seemed to be a subject of focus for this leak. Almost an hour of gameplay footage was leaked online, ranging from a half-hour vertical slice showcasing combat and traversal to unfinished in-development footage from various parts of the game. The game will apparently act as a prequel for an upcoming Marvel’s X-Men title, which is listed in Insomniac’s release schedule going up to 2035. 

A Marvel’s Spider-Man multiplayer spin-off game called The Great Web was also leaked, though it’s unclear if the game is still in development. Concept art from the game seems to hint at a co-op PvE title where players control various Spider-Men, such as Silk, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Punk and more, to battle returning villains from the main games. It was planned to be a live-service title, with details on its first few seasons of content also included in the leak. 

Aside from that, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 and Marvel’s Venom game were also included in the leak, following up on this year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is also set to receive three story DLCs. A new Ratchet & Clank sequel to Rift Apart is also in the works, following the same characters with a focus on space exploration. 

This is an ongoing leak, as more and more published files continue to find themselves online with neither Sony nor Insomniac seemingly out to take them down with the same vigour Rockstar Games had regarding its early GTA 6 leak. Several other upcoming PlayStation Studios titles were somehow also included in the leak. Insomniac Games has not made a statement on the matter yet. 

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