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Netflix reveals Devil May Cry anime teaser, Capcom to produce

Image: Netflix

Dante returns in the long-awaited Devil May Cry animated series for Netflix, produced by the creators of DOTA: Dragon's Blood. 

Netflix has released the first teaser for its upcoming Devil May Cry animated adaptation, which the company says is, “coming soon.” Fans of the franchise will know that the series was first announced in 2018 with Adi Shankar (Dredd, Castlevania) producing. There was little to no news on the project for the next five years, but now we have confirmation that it’s in production at Netflix. 

Here’s the show’s first teaser:

The Devil May Cry series is being animated by Studio Mir, the animation studio behind DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, The Legend of Korra and My Adventures With Superman. The studio frequently collaborates with Netflix, having last produced The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf for the platform. The streamer has also worked with Capcom for projects like Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and will once again collaborate with the games publisher for this show. 

This series is clearly in very early development at the moment, but fans can rest assured that franchise director Hideaki Itsuno is apparently supervising the project with Studio Mir: 

While the teaser doesn’t offer much information beyond a brief clip of series protagonist Dante firing bullets into an unseen demon, we can point out a few details we spotted here. First: Dante isn’t carrying his signature guns Ebony and Ivory, which is already a fairly big departure from canon. Second, his design is a mish-mash of various outfits from different titles in the series - like the pendant around his neck from Ninja Theory’s DmC: Devil May Cry and his coat from Devil May Cry 3. 

Lady and Vergil will appear alongside Dante in the series, which plans to explore Dante and Vergil’s complicated sibling rivalry over the course of multiple seasons. Producer Adi Shankar has also confirmed that Chris Pratt won’t voice any of these characters, so… that’s nice!

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