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Baldur's Gate 3 players can finally change their appearance in new update

Image: Larian Studios

A new Baldur’s Gate 3 update is arriving this week to let players change their appearance and voice at any time during the campaign. 

Larian Studios has been pushing out a breathtakingly rapid series of updates for Baldur’s Gate 3 since its PC launch in August, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This week, the developer will drop Patch 3 to grant the players a highly-requested quality-of-life change: a way to change their appearance after character creation. The patch drops later today, September 22. 

Patch 3 adds the long-awaited Magic Mirror, an item which will soon pop up in player camps to allow them to change their character’s appearance, voice and pronouns anytime during the campaign. Previously, players were locked into a specific appearance the second they exited character creation, so there was no room for error at the start of the game. Now, they can try out different hairstyles and tinker with their look to their heart’s content. 

The Magic Mirror can’t do everything, however. While you will be able to change the look of your character, you can’t change their race and body type, nor can you alter Origin characters whatsoever. It’s not clear why character body types can’t be changed, but Origin characters being unalterable makes sense - entire quests can hinge on the way they look and behave, and you can’t mess with canon too much. Changing races would also be complicated considering that race-specific dialogue shows up in the game all the time, so switching races constantly could yield unpredictable results. 

It’s interesting that Larian has decided to add a whole new item to camp just to change player appearances, instead of just giving Withers some extra dialogue to do the job. One wonders just how packed the camp will get with a few more years of updates, as Larian continues to address player feedback. This was a big one however, and likely not the last patch we’ll see from Baldur’s Gate 3 for the near future. 

In case you missed it, here are our impressions of Baldur’s Gate 3 on the PlayStation 5. Spoilers: it’s fantastic. 

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