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DarkZero Esports wins its second international LAN with the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

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DarkZero Esports brings home another LAN trophy by winning the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs.

For the second time this year, North America keeps its bragging rights as the best region in the world after DarkZero Esports won its second international LAN at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. DZ was the second team to hit match-point after the third round but it wasn't until map seven on Storm Point that the defending ALGS Champions proved their mettle by winning a second game to end the contest once and for all.

Heading into the final day, DZ was seen as one of the outside contenders that had a decent chance of taking the tournament. This was due to the team's performances over the last few days, which saw them finish fourth overall during the group stage. And they didn't back themselves up by finishing eighth in the bracket stage, which only gave them three starting points to work with in the finals.

However, DZ would not be deterred in their quest to reclaim the bragging rights as the best team in the world. They would turn those three points into 13 after the first game on Worlds Edge where they ended in sixth alongside seven kills. Game two was where DZ started to pop off, finishing in second but taking 14 kills to their name. This gave them a total of 36 points after just two maps, which meant that their road to the map point would arrive sooner rather than later.

And it just so happened to come in game three on Storm Point, which DZ won to go with nine kills on the board to send both them and TSM to match point. But DZ did have the slight points advantage, where they had 57 after just three games compared to TSM's 51. DZ would soon follow up that performance with another nine-kill game in the fourth match. Unfortunately, they could only finish as high as fifth with the Pioneers being able to snatch a much-needed win.

DZ's dominance on the kill leaderboard was put to an abrupt halt in rounds five and sixth as they could only muster a meagre 17th and 15th finish. TSM almost snagged a win in game six but got griefed by XSET in the final circle to hand FaZe Clan the win. That also gave both XSET and FaZe match-point status alongside Oxygen Esports.

This would put five teams on match-point, which meant that the stakes would be even higher. And with Storm Point being the map of choice for round seven, it was TSM who was playing on the edge of the zone and wound up falling first at 15th. FaZe fell soon after at 13th and then XSET just moments later at 10th.

And as the final ring approached, OXG found themselves with just one left man standing amongst seven other teams that were all alive. It was rare to see up to eight teams in the final ring and it was FC Destroy who was the first to fall after they got pinched by both 100 Thieves and Moist Esports. With multiple Catalyst Dark Veils being used as the final ring kept creeping closer, it was absolute carnage that only a true fan of the game could understand.

With barely any space to work with, all six teams would eventually collapse upon themselves. Moist Esports was the next to fall after FC Destroy, followed by Fnatic, and then 100 Thieves at fifth. OXG managed to make it to the top four after some great play with the Evac Tower. From there, only three teams remaind and OpTic Gaming would soon wipe out NRG before taking on DZ. But some great next level play from DZ's IGL, Rhys "Zer0" Perry on Horizon who got off his Gravity Lift on time to rotate around OG to get them in a prime position to win.

Zer0 would end up walking away with the Monster Energy MVP award for that game seven performance while DZ ended up with the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs trophy. TSM would end up in second place overall with OXG in third. And for the second time this year, XSET finished a split playoffs in fourth place.

ALGS Split 2 Playoffs Standigs

PlacementPrize MoneyPoints
1. DarkZero Esports$300,000500
2. TSM$160,000420
3. Oxygen Esports$105,000380
4. XSET$85,000340
5. FaZe Clan


6. Pioneers$60,000260
7. Moist Esports$40,000240
8. OpTic Gaming$30,000220
9. Alliance$25,000200
10. Fnatic$20,000180
11. NRG$16,000160
12. LG Chivas$15,000150
13. FC Destroy$14,000140
14. 100 Thieves$13,000130
15. ganbare otousan$12,000120
16. PULVEREX$11,000110
17. Fire Beavers$10,500100
18. Riddle$10,00090
19. BLVKHVND$9,50080
20. Acend$9,00070
21. REALIZE$060
22. JLINGZ Esports$056
23. GoNext Esports$052
24. Element 6$048
25. DreamFire$044
26. NAKED$040
27. ONIC Esports$036
28. Entropiq$032
29. Complexity Gaming $028
31. Aurora Gaming$020
32. MDY White$018
33. GLYTH Energy$016
34. LeaveNoWitness$014
35. CrazyRaccoon$012
36. start a fight Esports$010
37. FURIA Esports$08
38. ATHXHVY$06
39. Noctem Esports$04
40. Vexed Gaming$02

Aside from the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs grand finals, Respawn also took the time to announce that the upcoming ALGS Championship in September will be taking place in Birmingham from September 6 - 10. It will also feature a two million USD prize pool. This will also mean that it is time for the ALGS to bid farewell to the Copper Box Arena in London and will now head northwest to the Brum.

A short teaser for the new season, Apex Legends: Kill Code was showcased, which also talks about the new trailer that will be releasing tomorrow, July 17 at 11.00 am PT. There have already been plenty of leaks and rumours about the upcoming new season with the core of it being a major overhaul and rework of Revenant. Be sure to check out the trailer as it drops tomorrow to know more.

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