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Everything you need to know about Blizzard's new Hearthstone Creator Program

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is giving Hearthstone fans an easier way to become content creators via the Heartstone Creator Program. 

Fans of Hearthstone who might be thinking of getting into content creation: this is your moment. Blizzard has launched a new Hearthstone Creator Program to give fans of the game an easier path into content creation, with access to special events, giveaways and upcoming in-game content before everyone else. 

The Creator Program website includes all the creator guidelines players would need to read up on before getting started, but we’ll give you the highlights. The program targets streamers, YouTubers, podcasters and fan sites - essentially anyone who’s already trying to build a following by making Hearthstone content. Blizzard emphasises that already having an established community is important, so it probably isn’t going to pick up anyone who’s starting from scratch. 

Besides that, the company is looking for content creators who abide by the rules, are consistent with what they release, and show their passion for the game regularly. If you can give Blizzard that, the company offers the following in return: direct communication with the Hearthstone development team, giveaway codes and bundles, special events like playtesting and Inn-vitationals, and influencer merch. 

The rest of Blizzard’s guidelines are specific to the type of content you’re trying to make. For example, streamers need at least 60% of their content to be Hearthstone-related, but for podcasters, it’s 70%. Social media influencers need to provide platform insights, but YouTubers just need to have at least 5000 subscribers. 

Blizzard is interested in small content creators, so it’s not too late to start trying to build a following. The company also has plans to expand eligibility and scope for the program in future updates, so there’s always a chance to get in at some point. This is clearly just part of an effort to grow word-of-mouth around the game on Blizzard’s part, but it could still benefit a lot of content creators who might have otherwise fallen victim to merciless social media algorithms. 

If you’re interested, you can submit an application to the program via Blizzard’s official form here. 

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