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Elden Ring: Best Weapons and Where to Find Them

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Elden Ring has some of the best loot to find in the game.

Some of the basic weapons in Elden Ring are relatively lacklustre. The Cinquedea blade, for instance, cannot be upgraded without smithing stones, has poor base stats, and is hidden in a nearly impossible-to-reach location.

Fortunately, the game is also packed with a wide range of practical arsenal. This includes bulky but easy-to-use weapons, sharp blades, swords, and daggers that can inflict incredible damage on your opponent while allowing easy manoeuvres.

If your current set of weapons is a bit underwhelming or impractical, here are some of the best alternatives you could consider. We will also tell you where to find them and how to pair those with limitations to create unique builds.

Katana — the Moonveil

The Uchigatana is the Eden Ring's best early game katana. It's pretty cool and upgradable, and you can find it deep in the northern Stormhill's Deathtouched Catacombs. During the late game, your best katana choice is the Moonveil. It couples dexterity and intelligence builds to ensure heavy damage on your opponent, enhanced bleed status, and greater range. It's hard to go wrong with this weapon whether you want to fight a crowd or a single target. The only tricky requirement is that you need 23 intelligence, 18 dexterity, and at least 12 strength.

If you want a piece of the Moonveil katana, you must first triumph over the western Caelid's Magma Wyrm boss of Gael Tunnel. You have to fight your way into the cave that is guarded by soldiers, find the entrance at the mountain base, and go through the mine until you get to the fog gate. Defeat the boss, and voila! You have a Moonveil Katana in your weaponry collection!

Greatsword — the Blasphemous Blade

Nothing beats the Bloodhound's Fang during the early game if you have the strength to wield a greatsword. Even though it inflicts incredible bleed damage on all opponents, including bosses and demi-gods, there are better late-game alternatives.

During the late game, your go-to greatsword should be the Blasphemous Blade. It combines Faith and Strength builds, and you can wield it as long as you have 21 Faith, 22 Strength, and at least 15 dexterity. It offers an incredible range with a massive column of fire, allowing you to strike and kill single opponents or whole crowds in just a few moves.

So how do you get your hands on this truly fearsome weapon? You must visit the Volcano Manor and defeat Mt. Gelmir's Praetor Rykard. Then, you have to find Enia at the Roundtable Hold and trade Praetor Rykard's memory to get your Blasphemous Blade.

Sword — Sword of Night and Flame

If you want the best straight sword for intelligence, dexterity, strength, and faith, the Sword of Night and Flame is an excellent choice. It offers a Night-and-Flame Stance, and the level of the sword dictates the degree of damage inflicted. For instance, a higher intelligence level enhances night attacks while a greater faith level enhances flame attacks.

The Sword of Night and Flame is a magnificent weapon that allows you to make strong attacks by thrusting the sword and going through an uppercut slash. You can also run a light attack with a downward slash.

You have to do a dangerous manoeuvre into the Caria Manor situated north of the Liurnia of the Lakes region to get a hold of this weapon. Prepare yourself to battle with hybrid monsters and ghost knights that seem to pop up where you least expect them. Once you get to the broken wall, jump down, take a few steps inside and retrieve your sword from the chest.

Dagger — Reduvia

Daggers seem to have more limitations compared to other weapons in Elden Ring. They lack range and attack power, although they can inflict fast damage if you have a desirable build. During the early game, the Reduvia is the best dagger to inflict blood loss damage. 

The best part is that the Reduvia is easy to find. It is dropped by Bloody Finger Nerijus situated outside Murkwater Cave. Moreover, the value of this dagger is immediately evident thanks to the outstanding stat scaling and bleed. Unlike most daggers, the Reduvia allows you to fight at range, ensuring minimal risk of damage to your avatar. 

Finding the best daggers, swords, or other Elden Ring items that can boost your winning chances and give you the ultimate gamer's thrill is often easier said than done. Fortunately, you can have your pick of swords, crafting kits, katanas, and even shotel swords, among other items, from a reputable dealer. While most of these items can technically be looted from slaying enemies, it's easier and more time-efficient to source them from a reputable merchant.

Curved Sword — Eclipse Shotel 

An Eclipse Shotel can be your most invaluable armoury in Elden Ring's late game. As long as you have ample Faith and Dexterity, you can wield the weapon to make fast movements to strike your foes dead. While the Eclipse shotel doesn't offer the best scaling even with upgrades, it's perfect for the quick elimination of enemies or even rival players.

As aforementioned, the Eclipse Shotel is a late-game weapon. It is located far North in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Prepare yourself to trek through the Altus Plateau, Royal Capital, and into the Forbidden Passage that will take you to the Grand Lift of Rold. 

Once you find your way into the majestic elevator and into the Mountaintops of the Giants, get to the Stargazer's Ruins. Find your way into Castle Sol and head towards the Church of the Eclipse. There, your Eclipse Shotel awaits at the altar!

Blade — the Reaper

The Reaper is also known as the Winged Scythe. As the name implies, it is a wing-shaped blade that allows you to make long sweeps from a distance to strike down your enemies. If your character build focus is on melee damage and magic, you cannot afford to miss this piece of armament. 

To wield the Reaper, you need 24 Faith, 16 Strength, and 16 Dexterity. You can find the weapon on the peninsula's northern coast in the Tombsward Ruins. Beware of enemies on your way to the Destroyed Temple, where you will find your Winged Scythe in a chest

Fists — Spiked Caestus

Fist weapons are perfect for short-range combat. The Spiked Caestus, in specific, allows you to eliminate enemies through fast and rapid lethal attacks. This weapon scales with dexterity and strength and is best for melee characters who want to induce blood loss damage with each swing of their fist.

To get a hold of the Spiked Caestus, you must check in with the Isolated Merchant located in Caelid's Greyoll's Dragonbarrow. While you have to trade with 4,000 Runes, the investment is worth it because you get a pair of Spiked Ceastus for both hands.


Elden Ring is among the most entertaining and popular role-playing games you can find. As you explore the open Lands Between in an attempt to restore the ring, save the world from wars and chaos and become the new kingdom's ruler, the game will provide you with endless choices of outstanding weapons.

We hope you can now make better sense of your weapon choices and go on quests to find the very best armoury. Don't forget to consider your character class, playstyle, and build before choosing your shiny new armaments.


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