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Our most anticipated anime of 2024: Solo Leveling, Uzumaki and more

There's too much anime to look forward to this year, but we’ve narrowed down the best of the best. 

New year, new anime! 2024 promises to be a veritable feast for anime fans, packed chock-full of exciting projects ranging from sequels to all-new adaptations of beloved manga. Whether you’re just a huge fan of Dandadan and can’t wait to see its story animated for the first time, or you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens to Tanjiro and Nezuko in the next Demon Slayer arc, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Rom-coms, horror stories and kaiju warfare; this year has it all. These are our most anticipated anime of 2024:


Solo Leveling (Winter 2024)

This anime is adapted from the popular webcomic of the same name, set in a world where mythical magic and monsters have begun to crossover into reality. 10 years before the series begins, monstrous creatures began to appear out of a portal-like Gate. Ordinary people received superpowers and began fighting back against these creatures for money as the ‘Hunters’. The story follows one of the weakest Hunters in existence, Sung Jin-Woo - who suddenly finds himself presented with the opportunity to level up in a big way. 


Delicious in Dungeon (Winter 2024)

What do you do when you’re stuck in a dungeon full of monsters without food or money? Eat your way out, of course. This lighthearted fantasy follows a group of adventurers who journey through a dungeon to save one of their own, breaking the taboo of eating monsters inside the dungeon for sustenance. 


KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Season 3 (Spring 2024)

The unhinged adventures of Kazuma Satou and his group of friends continue. After dying, a goddess named Aqua gave Kazuma a chance to be placed in a new world with any weapon of his choosing, but Kazuma decided to bring Aqua down with him instead. A few shenanigans later, Kazuma has a full party of misfits: himself, the goddess Aqua, a one-trick-pony spellcaster named Megumin and a masochistic crusader named Darkness. Despite their lack of ability and intelligence, the group sets out to earn money and survive in a fantastical world. 


Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc (Spring 2024)

The adventures of Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko continue! Last season left off with the surprising revelation that Nezuko might have gotten some of her human traits back. In the Hashira Training Arc, Tanjiro journeys to the Stone Hashira to train for the battles to come. The demon lord Muzan on the other hand, won’t be content to just sit and wait for Tanjiro to come to him. 


My Hero Academia Season 7 (Spring 2024)

My Hero Academia heads into its climactic final arc in Season 7, as the students of superhero academy U.A. High School head into battle against a group of villains led by Tomura Shigaraki and his puppetmaster All For One. This season will start adapting the final arc of the ongoing manga, so it’s worth tuning in for fans of the franchise. 



Kaiju No. 8 (Spring 2024)

A kaiju anime like this one practically sells itself. Massive Godzilla-like creatures have popped up around Japan, and an elite military unit called the Defense Corps has been formed to protect civilians in Japan. The story follows a man named Kafka Hibino, who encounters a parasitic kaiju that turns him into a humanoid monster with superhuman abilities. 


Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Part 2 (Spring 2024)

A grim excuse for a human being saves a stranger from a traffic accident and gets reincarnated in a fantasy realm as a newborn baby named Rudeus Greyrat. Rudeus quickly discovers that he has a massive amount of magical power at his fingertips, and attempts to live his new life to the fullest. In the second half of Season 2, Rudeus continues to study at a school for magic while romancing his childhood friend Sylphy. 


Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf (April 2024)

The classic anime Spice and Wolf is getting a full-fledged remake! The series follows a travelling merchant named Lawrence, who one day discovers a wolf-like girl asleep in his wagon. The girl, Holo, claims to be a revered wolf deity trying to escape from the ungrateful locals hunting her. The two strike a pact: Lawrence will help Holo escape the villagers, and Holo will help his merchant business thrive. 


Oshi No Ko Season 2 (TBA 2024)

The twisty supernatural drama Oshi No Ko continues in Season 2, as both Ruby and Aqua dive deeper into the problematic entertainment industry that killed their mother. This season, Ruby rises to greater heights as a member of the idol group B-Komachi while Aqua prepares to enter the limelight as a theater actor. 


Uzumaki (TBA 2024)

This stylised adaptation of Junji Ito’s horror classic Uzumaki has been a long time coming. The story follows a young woman who finds her father becoming increasingly obsessed with spiral-shaped objects scattered around town. What begins as mild concern turns into all-out horror as her father’s obsession turns deadly, kicking off a chain of strange and terrible events that threaten to turn the town they live in utterly mad. 


NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Part 2 (TBA 2024)

Part 2 of the NieR:Automata anime adaptation drops later this year, hopefully completing the tale of 2B and 9S - two android YoRHa soldiers who fight to defeat alien-made machines that have taken control of the Earth. In Part 2, 9S and 2B will have to grapple with a tough realisation: their mission on Earth might have been a lie all along. 


Dandadan (October 2024)

The Dandadan manga has earned a reputation for being as exciting as it is ludicrous, so you can imagine how much fans are looking forward to this adaptation. Ghost believer Momo Ayase befriends an alien-obsessed boy and after an argument over which of the two entities are actually real, the duo visit locations associated with aliens and the supernatural. Unfortunately, they soon realise that they’re both wrong, and aliens and ghosts both exist in tandem - leading to a great deal more chaos than they were prepared to deal with.


Dragon Ball Daima (October 2024)

The next Dragon Ball anime is going to be fun-sized. Goku and his friends have been de-aged due to a mysterious conspiracy, so the group heads into a new world in search of a way to reverse their condition. Now that Goku’s a kid again, he’s going back to his trusty Power Pole for use in combat. The anime celebrates Dragon Ball’s 40-year anniversary, so it’s bound to be packed with nostalgia. 


Haikyu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump (Winter 2024)

The astonishingly good volleyball anime Haikyu!! is coming to a climactic end at long last. This is the first of a two-part movie finale for the series, pitting longtime rivals Karasuno High and Nekoma High against one another in the Nationals. Winner takes all!


Suicide Squad ISEKAI (TBA 2024)

You know the story by now: Amanda Waller has assembled a group of DC villains to complete suicide missions, lest they be blown up by remote-controlled bombs in their heads. This time, the Suicide Squad - composed of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Clayface, Peacemaker and King Shark - have been sent into a fantasy realm filled with orcs and magic to fulfil a trendy anime trope: isekai. The group will have to band together to survive and complete their mission in this strange new world, or get blown up doing it. As usual. 


Lazarus (TBA 2024)

Cowboy Bebop creator Shinichirou Watanabe is teaming up with animation studio MAPPA for this new sci-fi anime, which takes place in the year 2052. The world is experiencing an unprecedented era of peace thanks to the development of a miracle drug freeing humankind from all manner of sickness and pain. The drug is called Hapuna and upon its introduction to the world, its creator Dr. Skinner vanishes. Things take a turn when Skinner suddenly returns with the proclamation that Hapuna will kill everyone three years after it’s taken, and a group of agents called Lazarus is sent after Skinner to develop a vaccine and save humanity from dying out. 


Blue Box (TBA 2024)

This sports-romance story follows a badminton player named Taiki and a star basketball player named Chinatsu. Taiki has always had a crush on Chinatsu but considers the rising athlete to be way out of his league - that is, until they start living together as housemates. In the hopes of becoming a worthy match for her, Taiki starts training hard to get into the Nationals. 


SpyxFamily: Code White (TBA 2024)

Code White is an entirely original SpyxFamily movie spinning off of the anime, with manga creator Tatsuya Endo contributing to its story. The movie begins with Loid discovering that he’s about to be replaced in the all-important Operation Strix, and he somehow decides that the best course of action is helping Anya win a cooking competition at Eden Academy to impress the principal enough that he doesn’t get replaced. It’s a roundabout way of keeping Loid’s family intact, and it does lead to some complications: as Loid, Anya and Yor journey to the origin of the principal’s favourite meal, they set off a chain of events that could bring about a world war. Talk about high stakes!

This movie has already come out in Japan, with a global release planned for later in the year. 

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