arcane act 3 review league of legends netflix

Arcane Act III review as well as what to expect from Season 2

Arcane has already been confirmed for a second season with the first ending in a major cliffhanger for our champions in the making.
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arcane act 2 netflix

Arcane Act II review, thoughts, what can we expect from Act III?

Act II of Arcane brought more twists and turns along with a few glimpses of what we can expect from the third and final act coming in a few days.
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riot x arcane league of legends valorant

Riot Games is going all out for the finale act of Arcane with Undercity Nights

Undercity Nights is a week-long community celebration that leads up to the two-day live broadcast alongside Arcane's finale act.
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league of legends arcane netflix

Our Arcane Act I spoiler-free review; does it hold its weight in expectations?

After much anticipation and excitement, the Netflix Original series Arcane shows us a different side to League of Legends.
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arcane league of legends netflix

Arcane will be released in three acts throughout November, plus all you need to know and more

Arcane will be dropping tomorrow and here is everything you will need to know about the Netflix Original series.
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Jinx Fortnite collaboration

Jinx is dropping into the world of Fortnite thanks its collaboration with Riot Games

Jinx will be making her debut in Fortnite as both Riot Games and Epic Games collaborate for the first time ever.
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League of Legends Hextech Expo

Riot Games introduces Hextech technology across various cities in conjunction with Arcane

In conjunction with the launch of the Netflix Original series Arcane, Riot Games is bringing out Hextech exhibitions around the world in the month of November.
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