• Ain "AinEstonia" Estonia ,
    Didn't manage to catch it live, but was nonetheless an awesome game to watch afterwards, I loved how Tinker leveled March of the Machines and used it to kill Ancients that Vengeful Spirit had stacked, as I'm sure all of us did. I do feel like Purge talked less than Godz, this was more like Godz casting with Purge co-casting than vice versa :)
  • "kswee" ,
    Na vii!!! Edited out the link. (Mod)
  • asdasd "Zeyall" asdad ,
    interesting game. rr
  • Simon "SakxZ" Nederman ,
    @ kswee i cant like it sir
  • Ashhad "a.s.h.h.a.d" Shabbir ,
    Hmmm !!!!
  • Diego "avilve" unknown ,
    wow :D
  • Rafal "xesp" Wojt ,
    epic game i wanted EG as winners : ( cuz its just boring every team that picked anti mage is gonna win its just booooooooring
  • Chet "bit.shift" Awesomelaser ,
    EG gave away the win. They needed to be hyper aggressive and then stopped doing anything at the 30 minute mark with 2 raxes down and let AM farm. GG, EG. GG.
  • Optimus "oprime" Prime ,
    I do not think it was a boring game! It was EPIC! Antimage has always been in a fight (look how he did assisted)! Whatever, gg wp both!
  • "GMG.kaiser" ,
    Ian hecox streaming? =O
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