Evil Geniuses Dota2

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MVP Phoenix

Korea, Republic of
Best of 3 match
Mar 5, 2016, 11:30 AM CET


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Evil Geniuses Dota2 vs MVP Phoenix
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  • Alex "LeXeR1337" LOL ,
    VODs GAME1 https://youtu.be/AQVBfLjEfMc GAME2 https://youtu.be/K17pDqE2e5g
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Now this was the match i have been waiting for fook the rest doesnt matter what even if neither of these 2 teams make it to the final i am pretty sure this will be the match of the series.
  • fuck "pinoyshit" pinoy ,
    go EG rekt mvp until they disband :D
  • thegioithugian "tgtg_noname" noname ,
    MVP rape Secret 2-0. Secret win EG 2-1, ez Bugatti 4Head
  • Pi "Pinoy_Puta" Noy ,
    You currently have bet branches 87 on Evil Geniuses Dota2 With these percentages, you may win branches 140
  • Ferhat "PhoenixNyks" Deniz ,
    MVP pls win guys but EG is the most consistent team out there BibleThump
  • Prashanth "Ghost.554" Prabhu ,
    You currently have bet branches 935 on Evil Geniuses Dota2 With these percentages, you may win branches 1,470
  • dan "MisterDan" mister ,
    EG want to go finals with secret, but it will depend on rtz performance at all, hahaha, MVP tge only SEA team, they must win this. EG 70-30 MVP. Affraid in loosing? Come and visit our pafe with 89% winningrate, we will chabge your item just in case we lose prediction.Here: DOTA 2 BETTING MASTER
  • thegioithugian "tgtg_noname" noname ,
    Phoenix will rise from the ass Kappa
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