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Mar 2, 2016, 9:15 AM CET


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MVP Phoenix vs LGD
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  • Matt "tombZzz" Topping ,
    Even after the results from past encounters, surely this is going to be a VERY close match and go 3 games.
    • Alex "LeXeR1337" LOL ,
      GAME1 https://youtu.be/53GEEhn5Xng GAME2 https://youtu.be/ku6KFwOKhXw
  • zack "zackmei" mei ,
    LGD, You got this.
  • tomm "td6766" Denham ,
    MVP gonna win Ez
  • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
    I would say LGD. 1. Past encounters. 2. LGD got good counter-drafts and performs good on stage. 3. They´r playing in their home town.
    • an "wnstjr98" junseok ,
      1. Past encounters. ㄴthat was ti5 ... 3. They´r playing in their home town. ㄴit dosent matter ,look Cdec,Ehome,newbee
      • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
        Yeah, LGD had better players in ti5 Xio8 f.ex. and Mvp have better players now. But the most of the players played against eachother in ti5 and mvp got stomped. LOL, bro it matters alot, LGD is playing more serious than all of the teams u wrote but i get ur point. And i´m not saying that MVP can´t win the games against LGD, they mey rek them with a 2-0 30-5 score 2 time in a row, i wouldn´t be suprised at all, but i think the chanse of LGD winning against MVP is (should be) higher. i think u can easly say that MVP is a tier one team but sometimes they aren´t thanks to throwing games etc.
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Past encounters doesn't mean much tho.The team that wins are the team that played better for that day/tourny.I hope LGD wins but MVP for me did play a better game so far.
    • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
      in procent it means like 15%. yeah thats true. same here :)
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