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Team Archon vs Elite Wolves
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Winner: Archon.
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  • Manolito, Jr. "131R4D45" Nacua ,
    Anyone here who saw the game??? Did you see how iwo played PA?? That was a complete shit super noob dota.. he is like a jessievash (mineski) version. It is only the tinker who is playing the game.
    • Steven "Staban9" Prevosa ,
      Why so mad? Did you lose your house on bets? Lmao. And watchi ng the vod, pa played decently, was able to catch up in net worth, and actually tinker had a wasted bb, and got picked off so many times that made his team not able to push and end asap. Get better on your analysis and not just cry or blame.
  • Eff "madaraboi" Salido ,
    Complete waste of Smash's talent
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