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Dec 6, 2015, 1:00 PM CET


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3 : 1

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Team Empire Dota2 vs 4Clovers & Lepricon
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  • chan "Chansih27" sih ,
    Easy for TBD either ( Vega or 4cl ) will win on TBD this both team is strong against Empire, cause i dont believe on Xboct, go for TBD ,. Both tbd teams is in good line up for now, read their twitters :).
    • Dastan "INS.GG" Aubakir ,
      first, you have to get some English lessons, then start advising anything to people
    • Velizar "alus1onzz" Georgiev ,
      Dota 2 betting master ? More like dota 2 betting joke , first learn english.And dont forget that Empire won vs Vega 2:0 and vs 4CL 2:1.Go wash ur feet and go to sleep kid! :/
    • Casper "TheBaiter" Luffy ,
      trying to convince people to bet on 4clovers so that he can win easy bugatti .. well played !!
  • bonyet "bonyet_terbang" terbang ,
    if there's no game advantage for empire, then it's ez 3-0 for 4C&L..trust me...xboct gonna throw like always..lol..xD
  • chickenjoe0610 "chickenjoe0610" pirates0610 ,
    there is game advantage or not?
  • Joel "pupp3T" Yesuratnam ,
    Advantage Empire?
  • Hoang "Dota2forEveryone" Tung ,
    Full Highlights Team Empire vs 4C&L [FINAL BO5] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1I_TDaPp9c Thank you for watching.
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