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Jan 17, 2016, 11:00 AM CET


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Evil Geniuses Dota2 vs Alliance
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  • Hoang "Dota2forEveryone" Tung ,
    GRAND FINAL Alliance vs EG [Rtz & 9 TI Champions] https://youtu.be/kxYxFLVlbyw Thank you for watching.
  • Soup "AlienwareDGSoup" ayam ,
    who will banned by ppd buldog, akke or egm hero?..
  • Vedant "nAgent" Patil ,
    ban bulldog heroes akke s4 egm free picks, ban akke and egm heroes bulldog s4 free picks ban s4 heroes really? how many can you ban?
    • E "drinkwater" mil ,
      If i were EG, I will ban all s4 hero (bat,puck,qop), then go for dual lane strat. Aggresive dual lane against alliance trilane, and defensive against bulldog. Or use treant protector
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    ^.Can ban w/e.Eg has a huge hero pool compared to and most of them can play w/e roll they need.So Alliences has to outplay them in team fights.I won't be surprised if we see a troll or nyx pick from EG.Prefer Fear blink troll tho :D But i would prefer EG to wait till Major's to crush this strat :D no use in a low tourny like this :P
    • Vedant "nAgent" Patil ,
      there is a Swedish guy looking for you in Alliance vs Liquid chat go introduce your analysing skills there.
  • Rah "ZeganThendler" .So ,
    Alright. WCA alliance vs LGD (ODDS 35 - 65 ) alliance won. SL alliance vs LGD (ODDS 40 - 60 ) alliance won. SL alliance vs EG (ODDS ~35 - ~65) alliance won. SL alliance vs TS (ODDS ~45 - ~55) alliance won. SL alliance vs TL (ODDS 45 - 55 ) alliance won. ( i´m rich ) Alliance vs EG is a bo3. Alliance is way much better in bo3s vs EG, (THE SUMMIT) etc... it´s cuz ppd is the best draft analyser in my eyes. but EG have showed signs of life vs LGD. SO this is a 50-50 game but alliance have the upper hand. remember when OLD TS always won against EG in lans? (not DAC tho xD ) so i would say s4 > Suma1L.
    • steven "god_executioner" kurniawan ,
      I'am also bet all the alliance match dude Having 250$ profit here and i'am going to root alliance to the very end I will put 200$ for them in this final TI3 champion Vs TI5 champion gonna be epic
      • Rah "ZeganThendler" .So ,
        sweet!, same here :) yeah the drafts/drafting and plays will be insane. but bro go for like 150$ish so u have something left for the majors, u´ll never know what happend. but it´s very likely alliance will triumph thanks to all their fans.
  • Cezar-Octavian "Klapps.d2" Dumitriu ,
    I honestly believe that Alliance is going to take this 2-0. Because EG needs to figure out Alliance, and for that they need like 1-2 games. Actually this being a bo3 and not a bo5 favourises Alliance very much!
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