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Oct 13, 2015, 11:00 AM CEST


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Fnatic.Dota2 vs Mineski.Dota2
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Winner: Mski.Dota2
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  • shiun "hiphopyado" yang ,
    Normally MVP.P was way better than Mineski but after roster change they are suffering hard about team work. MP definitely sucks at position 1, QO playing at different country. I don't underestimate mineski's lineup and even they on fire but do not think they can beat Fnatic because of they keep punching hard other tier 2 sea teams (include MVP) maybe they can take one game if they keep ban mushi's shadow fiend. he seems really bad at other heroes these days..
  • onelski "Souma-kun" axalan ,
    go mineski..#LabanPinas #GilasMineski
  • James "dota2james" Gwapo ,
    This is the Best LINE-UP for team MINESKI, acquiring ryOyr , one of the best carry so that Jay can focus on his MID mission :) this is very interesting game, Favor of FANATIC 2:1 Mineski may the best Sea Team WIN, Goodluck Mineski RyoYr and DJ Chrissy , ex teammate RAVE GLHF
    • EJ "FooD.Cross-Eyed" Delos Reyes ,
      Don't you read? Jay plays carry while ryoyr is offlane.
      • James "dota2james" Gwapo ,
        LOL, they can swap roles wherever they like. usually Jay Plays MID depends on their draft, Jay, Kuku and RyOyr have large hero pole that's why they can swap roles.. NOOBBBBBBBB MTF
  • Longitze "besse" Lester ,
    I really like Mineski's line up now coz they can switch roles with KUKU and Ryor even with Julz anytime. Unlike before if the enemy can stop Jay at farming its auto lose for them. Im rooting for Mineski & Fnatic to advance.
  • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
    OMG. That game 3 was so easy for mineski that I feel so overwhelmed but at the same time, bothered. Of course, I think it's obvious why I'm happy because mineski won but I'm bothered because of Fnatic. I mean getting crushed in less than 30 mins is something that shouldn't happen to them when facing lesser teams like Mineski. I think it's reasonable if Fnatic would lose by close series but being crushed is like "wtf". I really don't like it when I see a new SEA team rise but another one falls down. Fnatic should do better in their next match against team 123. That is very bothering in so many levels. I'm not saying that Mineski is weaker in which that's why Fnatic shouldn't lose but it's because how Fnatic lost. Very terrible series considering their positions in the SEA scene.
    • Angelo "Arvalisk" Arnigo ,
      well I guess you shoudnt consider Mineski as a "LESSER TEAM" right now, they prove that they are one of the ELITE TEAMS in this tournament, they earn that win, they deserve it. Cheers!
      • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
        Yah, I guess I should've wrote it in a different way. Still, it's still bothering that Fnatic just got owned like that. I'm happy for Mineski but not really happy for Fnatic by the way they lost. Personally I think this is the most horrible series for the Frankfurt Major Qualifiers (I hope no other series would follow).
    • D "the.bouncer" C ,
      I won't really call Mineski a "lesser" team, have more confidence in them. IMHO I always view mineski as a top 3-4 or borderline top SEA team, always behind Mushi's team,or Trust or in recent years MVP. Their past lineups lack "the oomph" to support Bimbo, they cannot keep up with Bimbo's play style. now they have the players to compliment Bimbo such as the vastly improved kuku and an experienced ryoyr.
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