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4Clovers & Lepricon vs Team Empire Dota2
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  • @NitrogenDOTA "pufflehuff" @NitrogenDOTA ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
    • "Booncz" ,
  • nmcas "asfascxzx1" n miascasc ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Tamyyjin "xOcoorltA" Ondor Gongor ,
    highlights/recap game 1 https://youtu.be/6_As-j4MmQw game 2 https://youtu.be/OajY1eJABP0 vods game 1 https://youtu.be/dDrkEf7sW48 game 2 https://youtu.be/PCApIaNsGUM
  • "Booncz" ,
    once you make mistake against Empire the game is over in 5-10 minutes...Anyway well played 4CL game 1, Empire needs more respect and study their opponents more carefully, so they don't get cheesed...
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