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GosuLeague Season 1 2012
GosuLeague Season 1 2012

Spotlights on for GosuLeague! The planning has come to an end as we raise the curtain today and see become what it was always meant to be: your place for competition and entertainment. We are excited to kick this off and share this movement with you. It is our ambition that GosuLeague brings you joy following its progress, whether you compete yourself or follow the heat of competition as a beholder. The premier season starts on May 1, 2012 and will run for four consecutive weeks. Eight teams will lock horns in a round robin system with every clash being a best-of-two engagement. Two playdays a week will guarantee eight matches from Monday to Sunday to fill your cravings for Dota 2 action. But we will not stop there: GosuLeague will expand this summer, ramping up the prize pools to $3,500 in June and $5,000 for the July season. At the same time we will also add more divisions to hook up as many teams possible, as long as they strive for a competitive battleground to prove their skills. To fill the first eight teams we invite everyone to a series of qualifiers. Starting on March 31, 2012 we will host eight preliminaries open to 32 and 16 teams respectively where the winner of each will qualify for the GosuLeague. Good times ahead for all you fellow followers of slice and dice: we will have you immerse in the full spectacle of GosuLeague as our broadcasters Purge and GoDz lift the fog of war in their video streams on! [hnice]Hightlighted rules for qualifiers[/hnice] <li> A qualifier is played from start to end during one day. Winner of each round advances to the next round. The team reports their results manually into the play.gosugamers tournament platform. <li> Use an IRC-channel for communication between the teams for qualifiers. The IRC-channel to use is [b]#gosuleague[/b] at Quakenet. <li>Use the teamname/tag as your IRC-name <li>Default wins will be handed out [b]30 minutes[/b] after the qualifier's start. If you don't show activity in the channel or respond to admins, your team will get dropped. Click "Rules" below for the full ruleset. Good luck and have fun!

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