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Russian Federation


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Jun 8, 2015, 6:00 PM CEST


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Moscow Five vs NEXT.kz
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  • R "victorious" M ,
    Does anyone know the lineup for M5?
  • "de_end" ,
    This is not a safe bet. M5 has been under the radar for some time now and might be rusty. Next.KZ roster although performed poorly, Toporr is regarded as one of Kazakhs best dota talent and they took a game off Duza which looks very strong now.
    • Db "0dotzero0" Zero ,
      Well said, this is anybody's game. I did see Next.KZ's last game against Goomba (game 1), they had a pretty reasonable net worth advantage and map control coming into the early game phase. But because the player controlling QOP disconnected a lot of times, it really affected Next.KZ's performance. I'd skip this bet as well since both teams are very unpredictable.
    • N "heSuhtate" A ,
      When did they take a game off duza?
  • Silviu "Tieger" Silviu ,
    Good point, when did they take a game off duza? They took a game off Scaryfacezzz and Basically unkown. As well as they managed to beat some kazahstan noob team with 2-0. I saw the game vs goomba and i was not impressed at all with next. Believe me, M5 is not doing great right now, i like to bet on underdogs but after i saw the freaking performance vs goomba, i will not bet again on Next, only if they will become much stronger. I will take my chances with m5 here, even if i get only 50% out of what i put in and even i dont like how m5 are doing latelty... but i trust them more than this Next Kazahstan team... and M5 is not worth trusting. :))
    • Db "0dotzero0" Zero ,
      ugh >_< just lost my items on HGT vs Newbee (my team choice). I'm forced to bet on M5. I hope they win this one.
      • Silviu "Tieger" Silviu ,
        i wanted to bet on hgt, and i forget to bet on this game. When i arrived home, the game was long started and hgt had 1-0 advantage. I am sorry that i did not bet last night... :( About this game, I favor M5 here but i guess any team can win because this is dota.
        • N "heSuhtate" A ,
          I would avise you both to hold off on this bet it might be clowny with mass standins
          • Db "0dotzero0" Zero ,
            meep too late :( i've said my goodbyes to my rares, may they find a better home (inventory) than they ever did with me... save my rares m5!
            • Silviu "Tieger" Silviu ,
              1-0 for M5. Lets hope that they win game 2 or at the worst, game 3 so they win this match. :) GOGO M5 :D
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