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Jun 7, 2015, 4:30 AM CEST


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ViCi Gaming vs Cloud9
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  • John "pogiako1249" Edwards ,
    vg got the 3rd game
  • Giull "Kaii011" Alfiler ,
    Deciding game 3 here we go.
  • John "pogiako1249" Edwards ,
    oh no vg my arcanas
  • Giull "Kaii011" Alfiler ,
    Kick super after TI5. Inconsistent. VG still experimenting. This tourney is just a playground for them. Kappa
    • adrian "s0ngwriter" wong ,
      not super that lose the game.. but the draft.. there is no way vg can win c9 with those draft.. no freaking way.. i betted on c9 cause of the odd.. and im glad i won even tho is still low.. but i really sad to see West >East... not to mention this is a freaking chinese tournament.. with only 4 western taking part.. and top 3 are filled with western team..
      • Giull "Kaii011" Alfiler ,
        But we could all argue that Super really is their weakest link. Not gonna be surprised if ever he would be replaced.
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